Expert Surveillance Tips To Keep Your Parking Lot Safe

In America, violent crime is more likely to happen in a parking facility than almost anywhere! It’s number three on the list of places where violent crime happens. In fact, fourteen hundred attacks happen in parking lots each and every day in the USA.

If you’re a manager of a parking facility, you’ll need to worry about violent crime, as well as a host of other forms of crime, such as car/truck/motorbike theft and the robbing of vehicle contents.

From parking lots on campuses to indoor parking lots in condo buildings to any other type of parking lots, such as mall parking lots, deterring parking lot crime with the right security measures should always be a strong focus.

Today, we’re going to talk about how to boost parking lot security with our expert tips.

What Are the Solutions?

There are actually a lot of ways to make parking lots safer and this is good news for parking lot managers! For example, if you’re interested in implementing an upgraded program for parking safety, you may enhance enforcement activities (patrolling could happen more frequently), alter landscaping to remove trouble spots where criminals might lurk in dim lighting, and adjust engineering.

As well, you may add security systems and improve overall parking lot maintenance.

Some of these upgrades will cost a lot. You’ll need to consider the pros and cons in order to determine whether or not they are good investments. Other quick fixes cost less and are also very simple to implement.

Good visibility is really important. It’s the most important factor when it comes to boosting the personal safety of people who use the parking lot. When someone who is in the parking lot is able to see all around and assess any threats to personal safety from a safe distance, he or she will be able to do things which allow for avoidance of said threats.

In addition, if criminals know that a lot of security measures are in place, because the security measures are easy to see, they’ll be less likely to carry through on law-breaking plans.


Do You Need More Lights?

Planners should consider the existing level of lighting and whether or not it provides enough visibility. Lighting should be clear and directional. It should illuminate pedestrian areas and driving areas to perfection and take away shadows where law-breakers may lie in wait.

Beefing up lighting is important. As well, consider painting every wall white. The light shade will reflect light all through the parking lot and make lighting upgrades more effective. In addition, be sure to make certain that lighting in stairwells and elevators is bright enough.

Some parking lot managers choose metal halide lighting, which is very true in terms of color and also very bright and white. You may want to consider this form of lighting if you’re ready to make a parking lot a safer place. Also, the way that lighting fixtures are spaced should be carefully considered. It’s all about eliminating shadows on garage exteriors. In general, the more lighting, the better!

Should You Revise Your Landscaping?

Another strategy is to remove any landscaping which gives shady characters places to hide. For example, trees and shrubs that are high make it all too easy for bad people to lurk before committing crimes in parking lots. As well, we recommend keeping the plant life around parking lots thin and low. Thinning and cutting this plant life will make it harder for attackers to conceal themselves.

More Tips for Parking Lot Managers

Another important tip is to pay attention to the empty spaces underneath stairwells. They should be sealed off because they are frequently used as hiding places by criminals. A lot of parking lot managers utilize chain link fences to cordon these areas off and we think that this is an effective (and cost-effective) solution.

Surveillance Equipment is a Good Investment

While the cost of a video surveillance system will be an investment, it will offer tons of benefits for the price. These days, the smartest and savviest parking lot managers are putting CCTV systems (closed circuit television systems) into place in order to keep tabs on what is happening in their parking areas. However, these systems need to be monitored by human beings 24/7.


It’s not enough to install one of these systems and let people who come in the parking lot know that CCTV is being used. This may deter some crime, but it won’t deter all of it. For this reason, you’ll need staff members to monitor the CCTV video feeds at all times.

We think that choosing voice-activated security sound systems is a smart option. With this type of security system, a parking area will be divided and zones will be established. If someone screams or makes another noise which indicates distress, the CCTV cameras will hone in on that part of the parking lot right away. As well, security personnel will be alerted.

Lastly, we believe that installing emergency phones in a parking lot is a great way to give people who are in trouble an easy and fail-safe way to get help.

Start Planning for Higher Security

The money that you’ll need to spend and the time and energy that you’ll need to expend in order to heighten security at your parking lot will pay off in the long run. Once you’ve improved lighting, changed landscaping, installed a CCTV security system with voice activation features, sealed off the spaces under stairwells and put emergency phones inside of the parking lot, you’ll know that you’re doing all that you can to make the parking lot a safer place for patrons.

There is no substitute for security staff who monitor video feeds and patrol the parking lot on a regular basis. So, don’t forget to budget for manpower when you’re planning your security upgrades.

If you have any questions regarding your existing security system or if you are looking to upgrade to a modern smart surveillance system, contact SecureCheck, LLC today and one of our friendly associates would be happy to assist you.  We have over 75 years of experience solving security related problems and keeping our clients safe.

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