Should You Add License Plate Cameras to Your Video Surveillance System?

As an owner, the bucks stops with you when it comes to protecting your place of business via a video surveillance system. This means that you will need to decide how simple or elaborate this type of security system will be. It’s all about protecting persons and property via video monitoring.

If your current video surveillance system doesn’t include license plate cameras, you may want to consider these beneficial “add-ons”. They are very practical choices and offer myriad benefits. Before we discuss these benefits, let’s take a moment to talk about all of the different types of cameras which are used in video surveillance systems. You’ll discover that there are a lot of fine choices, some of which are specifically for certain areas or applications.

Many Cameras are Available

Business owners have options. They are able to select dome cameras, infrared cameras, cameras with network and IP capability and bullet cameras. Dome cameras are good for interiors. They have low profiles and they give three hundred and sixty degree views.

Infrared cameras are better for outdoors as they take images when it’s dark. Network/IP cameras send video data via networks, to centralized recorders. They make it possible to get video footage to the authorities in no time flat. Bullet cameras which are inside of rugged housings are also good choices for exteriors, as they are tough enough to work in rough weather.

Now, let’s talk about license plate cameras. These cameras are able to read and record small objects. They make it possible to record tag numbers of vehicles which are moving!

License plate cameras definitely have special properties! For example, they will focus upon numbers and letters which are featured on license plates in order to give business owners/managers or property managers/owners a clear view of tags! These cameras work well whether autos are parked or in motion. The cost of license plate cameras is typically well worth the investment. They really deliver in terms of beefing up security in a dramatic way and getting them installed won’t be too time-consuming or expensive.

The placement of cameras, as well as their makes and models, will play a role in just how effective they are at capturing alpha-numerical data. Now and then, they’ll also capture people inside of vehicles. However, their main purpose is to record license plate information. Images may be taken when it’s very dark. They also match license plate numbers to the same numbers in databases.

The databases are for law enforcement personnel. When there is a match, the system will flag it and let law enforcement know about it. This type of security capability is important. It’s cutting-edge and very useful. Now, let’s talk about how to shop for license plate cameras!

Features to Look For

When shopping for license plate cameras, you should look for high-def models which capture a lot of detail. As well, the cameras should work in lighted conditions and when it’s dark. Also, they should capture license plates on moving cars and parked cars. The best cameras of this type should integrate with access control systems and they should be able to record a variety of lanes, in order to capture entrance and exits via traffic.

A good security company which specializes in providing high-quality license plate cameras to clients will be able to offer the most sensible product recommendations. As well, this type of company should be able to perform expert installation of this type of video surveillance system “add-on”. Sometimes, installation will be free. It really depends on the company.

Now that you understand why these cameras are so useful and what the best examples are capable of recording, why not consider adding these cameras to your current video surveillance system? When you do, you’ll have another layer of security. Shady characters may be identified by their license plate numbers. This makes apprehension of criminals so much easier.

After you have these cameras installed, your property will be safer. As well, if you let visitors know that such a system is in place, you’ll find that you create a serious deterrent to crime. Criminals do not want their license plate numbers recorded, especially if they’re already in law enforcement databases, as so many of them are.

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