What are Video Analytics and how can they help keep your business secure?

Video analytics are changing the way businesses approach security. On site security can now be used to enhance awareness of sites and increase efficiency. Systems equipped with video analytic software are capable of discerning unusual activity – whether that is from an intrusion, malfunction or any other reason that changes the functionality of your business site. Analytics increase how well your assets are protected. These intelligent systems can provide you with three key advantages that will keep you one step ahead of every incident.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness involves the system detecting changes to the environment. You don’t need to have a live security guard monitoring the cameras 24/7, video analytics allows you to flag certain objects based on input parameters of when they should be seen or not seen. The system then analyzes the object data from each frame and can detect when there is an interruption – no matter how fleeting. For instance, if your instruct the program that the door viewed in camera 001 should be in full view from 10:30PM to 5:30AM, it will then detect and issue an early warning if that view is interrupted.  A video analytic system will beat a live monitor guard 95% the time because the system can monitor all cameras and frames at once, while the guard can only pay attention fully to one, and partially to three or four camera feeds.

Early Warning

Depending on how your system is set up, the early warning triggers could include a reading of sensors in the area to determine if there is a change in movement, vibration, air pressure or heat (thermal imaging). The systems can be set to automatic triggering surrounding door locks to close avenues of escape and send an alert to the proper personnel. You can also set early warnings that can detect priorities. Not all situational awareness disturbances should trigger the same degree of response. Each object set can be assigned its own priority to minimize false alarms. You can have the system alert personnel by text and email, as well as sending log reports to systems administrators and a third party dispatcher.

Recording Activity

Video analytics also allows you to record activity as well. When a disturbance is detected, the video system can record and tag the images with more specific information and file the videos. This saves on storage and archiving space. It can also save time in the retrieval process when there has been an incident. Old style monitoring systems work on a constant recording and erasing process. If you aren’t aware of an incident – the footage can be gone before you know it. With the systems equipped with video analytics , only what needs to be recorded is saved. This makes the whole process more efficient, and reliable. You can set the system to erase after a certain time frame, or make it dependent on manual review. Either way you will have more control than is currently available with security systems without video analytics.

The Ideal system is: Unobtrusive, Automated and Responsive

One of the main benefits of installing an video analytics system with Securecheck Now, rather than using a standard team of security guards is it provides a security process that is unobtrusive, automated and responsive. No human guard can be as reliable as a video analytics program, and most businesses can’t really afford the staff they would need to provide security equal to what video analytic systems can do. Video analytics is changing the world of security. Not only are the systems increasing the effectiveness of your security systems, they are decreasing the overall price of having the best risk mitigation system in place.

How to you decide if it can work for you?

Your best bet is to talk to a video analytics specialist at Securecheck Now. They will assess your current security system and make recommendations for the size and style of video analytics program you can install. They will also walk you through a comparison of the cost of staffing a security team to monitor video vs. using security with video analytics. A free consultation will help you to determine how upgrading to video analytics will bring all the advantages to your business that so many others are getting from this new technology.

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