How Intelligent Smart Video Can Help Your Car Dealership

Installing a Securecheck Now smart video security system at your car dealership can do a lot to improve your security, increase your customer service and create a more efficient sales staff. It can also help to reduce your overall security costs by streamlining how your human guards work. Intelligent Smart Video can monitor who comes and goes from your lot, assign priorities to responses, control access and even help prevent damage from fire or storm activity.

Going beyond the security tape

Old style security cameras were set to record and erase on a schedule. If you didn’t detect a loss in time, you would lose the security footage. Smart video uses digital storage. It not only can store and archive security footage, but it has searchable properties. This way you will no longer suffer from time lost searching tapes should an incident occur. It also helps protect your company should an accident claim be filed on your lot.

Reduce and eliminate property and asset loss to increase profitability

You can’t sell enough cars to make up for property and asset loss that is a result of vandalism or theft. Auto dealerships carry the highest annual loss rates compared to almost other retail businesses. That loss not only effects your bottom line, it will also affect how well your staff works with customers. The more you can reduce your risk of loss, the more  your staff can focus on sales – not security.

Reduce and redirect security costs

Smart Video systems also reduce your overall security costs by allowing you to redirect your financial resources to support more effective and efficient security. Smart Video systems have been rated as 68% more accurate in detecting disturbances than human guards. A Smart Video can monitor multiple views 24/7 without any lapse in attention. The human mind is not made for that type of attentive focus. No matter how many guards you have on a shift, someone will always miss something. Securecheck Now provides you a way to make sure your cameras are always attended. When needed, the security staff you have will be put to better use by reacting with the appropriate response in critical situations.

Control your access, improve your security

With Smart Video systems your human guards don’t have to respond to all incidences immediately. Smart video systems from Securecheck Now can measure levels of disruptions assign prioritized responses. The system can control access to different areas, triggering locks when disturbances are detected to secure an area and alerting security and/or the police. Smart video systems can also detect fire hazards and unlock doors if staff are present. By controlling access to interior and exterior areas, only the areas that must also be patrolled by a human guard are patrolled. By creating a way for human guards to become more efficient in their tasks, your smart security video system will better protect your assets and property.

Prevent liability claims by providing 24/7 coverage of all areas

If you have every fallen victim to a slip and fall claim you know that the best fraudulent perpetrators can mark the cameras and “fall” out of range. With the overlapping 360 view capability of the new smart video systems, there will be no way that anything can happen on your dealership that you won’t have on tape. Just by having more cameras around, and notices of the 360 protection, you will also deter vandals and thieves. While they may want what your lot can give them, they are going to want a lot that is an easy mark. With Securecheck Now, you will become a fortress that will deter most wrong doing.

New Smart Video Video cameras offer you 360 protection

The new Smart Video systems allow you to set your cameras with different focal lengths and view widths making it easier to create overlapping views. This overlap then produces panoramic coverage, 360 degree coverage using less cameras than with the old style security camera systems. Even better, the analytic software can be calibrated for each camera view so while you may see one panoramic shot, the camera is reading different priorities in each section.

Smart Video Security improves Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction makes or breaks an auto dealership. With Smart Video systems from Securecheck Now, your worker productivity is guaranteed to increase because security is no longer a background issue for them. This translates into more efficient staff and better customer satisfaction. Your customers won’t know why service has gotten better, but they will increase their loyalty and create more long term referrals for your dealership.

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