SecureCheck Wins Contract to Secure Downtown Houston High-rise

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SecureCheck has won a contract to secure a Houston high-rise located in the downtown area. This contract is for a ten-story building which features fifty thousand square feet of space. The building will house three hundred tenants and it will feature millions of dollars’ worth of protected assets.

Many different security companies bid for this prestigious and important contract. Securing a highrise requires a lot of specialized skills, including technical know-how, understanding of the neighborhood’s crime patterns and deep understanding of the latest developments in building security.

Since the contract was awarded to SecureCheck, it’s safe to say that the company offered the building owners everything that they were looking for from a security company, for a fair bid. Now, more than ever, people in Houston are recognizing the value of hiring this established and trusted security company.

This Houston-based security firm is run by former law enforcement personnel and it has secured many Houston communities, buildings, private residences, commercial properties and industrial properties. For example, the company is renowned for the security protection that it offers to many car dealerships in Houston and surrounding areas.

Offering Modern Security Solutions

The company utilizes an array of high-tech security systems and processes in order to provide customized security solutions. Examples of systems include remote video monitoring, fire and life safety solutions and financial and physical security solutions. While custom systems are available, the company also offers ready-made systems and legacy systems, with a mind to helping clients with different needs and budgets.

In addition to securing the new building, SecureCheck is also helping the Greatwood community to stay safe, by installing a range of ultra-modern security systems within the community, including in/out license plate readers, in/out video surveillance and video analytics.

The company brings nine decades of experience to its security solutions, so it has a proven track record. All of this experience will assist the company with making the Houston high-rise a safer place for residents.

Also, a handpicked group of SecureCheck team members will be attending the 2017 NADA Conference, which will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, from January 27th, 2017 to January 29th, 2017.

This conference gathers twenty-five thousand car dealership owners from all over the country. SecureCheck will be meeting and greeting car dealership owners and letting them know how video monitoring in real-time has the power to stop or reduce crime at their dealerships.

In the future, the team at SecureCheck hope to secure more highrises in Houston and surrounding areas. They also hope to help more communities by adding the right security systems. The company welcomes the challenge of securing the highrise and knows that its skilled and dedicated team members are up to the challenge. SecureCheck takes security seriously, while also providing exceptional customer service. By covering all of the bases, the company edges out its competition, time and time again.

Contact SecureCheck, LLC Today

Media inquiries about the new contract may be directed to the company. Full contact details are provided below. Also, anyone who wishes to learn more about the security solutions that this full-service security company provides is encouraged to visit the official SecureCheck website today, at:

This company handles big contracts, as well as smaller jobs. It provides the most professional security solutions. Anyone who wants to secure a property or environment will benefit from accessing a consultation from the company’s security experts. The website features detailed information about all of the specific security services that SecureCheck offers to clients.

The latest success for the company bodes well for the future. SecureCheck has really grown over the years and this new contract is a signal that this growth is continuing at a healthy pace. Houston is safer place thanks to the efforts of SecureCheck’s dedicated staff members, as well as the smart building owners who hire them.

If you have a building which needs to be secured, you’ll find that SecureCheck is able to offer you systems which are well worth the money. It’s all about reducing or eliminating crime and helping to keep property, possessions and people as safe as possible.

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