How Intelligent Smart Video Security Helps Make Schools Safer

Today’s schools face much different challenges than schools several decades ago. Many of them are in areas that have experienced a resurgence of crime, and the newer schools rival college campuses in size. Trying to manage school security without spending the entire education budget or creating a prison-like atmosphere is a challenge. Fortunately, new intelligent smart video systems installed by Securecheck Now offer a better, more efficient and more affordable way to protect your campus, your students and your mission to provide an environment where the young can grow and mature.

Why Smart Video is more powerful than traditional video surveillance

Traditional video surveillance does provide some measure of deterrence and protection, but it is a deeply flawed technology. Even with staff monitoring the view,  you are going to risk missing over 40% of activity that can be seen by the camera. This is because traditional monitoring is dependent on human attention. The new intelligent smart video cameras use advanced technology to self monitor. They work by using calibrated view parameters that let them identify objects that are (or should be) in sight. If the view of the object is blocked in anyway, it indicates a level of disturbance. This is called object identification analysis. It can help you to effectively target high crime areas where you need attention focused 100% of the time.

Targeting high incident areas

The highest crime area of all school campuses statistically remains the parking lots. Even with human patrols, more personal and property crime occurs in the parking lot on campus than anywhere else. With outdoor, low light and long range Smart video cameras, you can put the entire parking lot under smart surveillance 24/7. You can do this with less cameras than traditional systems because you can use varying focal ranges and overlap views to provide panoramic coverage. With the cameras in place and signs posted alerting people to their presence, a very strong deterrent is created before you even turn the system on.

Monitoring exterior and interior ranges

Intelligent Smart Video systems come with a range of cameras that can provide you with exterior and interior range coverage. You won’t just be surveying the areas, but you can also control the access to them via the analytic programs. Calibrate the program to respond to sequence events and an exterior camera that detects a disturbance can trigger interior lights and doors to lock. All of this not only makes your building and campus more secure, it also works to reduce liability.

Reducing liability

Security isn’t just about protecting against theft, personal crime and vandalism – you are also responsible for student safety. One of the trickiest parts of school security is protecting the institution against false claims. Intelligent Smart Video systems use digital storage methods so your footage isn’t erased on a cycle. This can provide valuable documentation in slip and fall events. It can also help to find what happened students who may have been injured during and on campus incident. System admins can see clear patterns of access and exit in the case of missing supplies and vandalism.

Remote monitoring

Smart Video also allows for remote monitoring. Your security staff can check views, initiate sequences,  and process response priorities from any device. This can help to make your human guards more effective. No intelligent video system can do away with human guards all together, but they can put the human guards into areas where they are really needed. Smart Video can alert a guard to a disturbance. The guard can log in on their mobile device to check the disturbance and determine the priority of live response. The two systems – intelligent and human – become integrated into a powerful security system.

Increasing overall student safety and satisfaction

The greatest benefit of using intelligent smart video security solutions is that they increase the overall student safety and student satisfaction with your school. The more your school becomes known for putting safety first, the more you will retain students and attract applicants. It can be invaluable in community relations as well. Schools and communities often have a difficult relationship. Residential areas are concerned about the potential for a criminal element being attracted to the resources stored inside a school and knowing that they are adequately protected will increase good will. Students and parents will be grateful for the lengths you go to make sure that the students are protected from seen and unseen dangers. Your overall budget will become easier to handle because you need fewer better trained security professionals who have a powerful analytical 24/7 video system to help them achieve success.


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