Using Intelligent Digital Guards vs Human Security Guards

There is a huge difference between the return on investment (ROI) on intelligent digital guards versus actual human security guards. While setup costs and the overlap of the two types of systems may seem like an increase in cost, companies recoup that in savings easily within the first few months of operations. Here are just a few of the reasons why there is more ROI with a digital system using video analytics.

The human brain versus the digital brain

Studies show that after just 22 minutes, a human guard will miss up to 95% of all activity. The human brain is not designed for long periods of constant watching, nor is it designed for multi focal activities. The traditional method of monitoring cameras relied on the guard noticing one thing out of a 100 possible events that are occurring simultaneously on the bank of screens in front of them. According to science, they may only be able to notice 10, and only have the focused concentration to do so for 15 minutes out of every hour. The digital brain of intelligent video systems are designed for constant and virtually unlimited streams of input that it analyzes – and pays attention to – equally. The initial analysis allows the algorithm used to let the system assign priorities without ever taking its attention off the present moment.

Reduced cost of maintenance

You may not think of actual guards as having maintenance costs, but insurance and benefits should be calculated in as such. Comparatively, the maintenance cost of keeping a video analytic system operating is minimal.

Reliability factors

The obvious reliability issue is that a digital security guard system will neither call in sick, nor show up distracted by outside problems. With human security guards, your ROI is going to fluctuate greatly due to factors that are beyond your control. Illness is a huge factor, as is the stress of relationships and life in general. Intelligent video security systems can provide for a consistent expectation in your ROI.

Instantaneous priority calibrations

With intelligent video security systems, digital analysis is instantaneous. There is not a human being who comes close to being able to outthink a digital system. Video Analytics allows for a much faster assessment of priority responses and understanding of situational disturbances. This insures you quickly get the right response for every event. With human guards, if they have cued in to a disturbance, there are many factors that have nothing to do with the security of your site that are going to influence their analytic and decision making process. Even the best trained and most experienced guard can have a day when they are distracted. Security depends on the reliability and timeliness of the analysis and action taken in any given situation.

Unobtrusive positioning

With the use of cameras, their position can be made unobtrusive, in contrast it is hard to disguise a person walking around. While this may not seem all that important, too much visible security can create an unwanted atmosphere of tension. In the workplace this is something you want to avoid. By reducing the visibility of the security system, even if you have added more security vantage points – you can increase the overall productivity of the site.

Prioritized response options

With the use of intelligent digital guards, you also have more reliability in the prioritized response option that the guards will perform. Security systems equipped with intelligent video analytics lets you set determined objectives and response priorities. A triggered alarm could mean a response of turning on lights, triggering a pre-recorded loudspeaker message, locking doors, initiating fire control and notifying personnel. With human guards there is always the unwelcome element of lack of appropriate response. This can lead to extensive costs if the wrong response creates more of a problem than was indicated in the initial alarm.

Creating a successful security program with Video Analytics

If you are planning on implementing a system using intelligent video analytics, you should check out these 10 tips for success with Video Analytics. These 10 tips help you see what it takes to create clean goals and objectives for your system, get it calibrated right, make it truly capable of replacing a human guard team and provide better long term ROI on the security it will provide your business and assets.

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