How Intelligent Smart Video Can Help Your Neighborhood Stay Safe

While violent crime has been trending downward for the past decade, property and personal crime has been increasing. These are the crimes that impact residential communities and associations. If your building or community gets a reputation as being unsafe, it can ruin your retention rate as well as increase your maintenance, repair and liability costs. Local studies have shown that installing surveillance systems by Securecheck Now can radically reduce vandalism and other criminal activities. The older traditional style systems are limited in their capabilities and are easily duped by criminals. New Intelligent Smart Video systems use modern innovations in video and detection technologies to provide your community with effective security and deterrent systems that are cost effective and reliable.

Monitor pools and other high liability areas

Pools and playgrounds are often a major draw for residents. They are also areas that present the highest risk of liability. While they may be for resident’s only, it can be hard to keep people out without using fences and gates that discourages resident use as well. Few homeowner associations can afford to hire patrolling guards during business hours. Even then, after hours the areas would still be unmonitored. With Intelligent Smart Video systems the area is monitored 24/7. You can set the cameras so the views overlap and there is no area hidden from monitoring. This can not only help to reduce trespassing and vandalism, but the high quality archived footage can prove invaluable in the event of a slip and fall claim. Liability isn’t just about property and asset loss, it is also about protecting the Association from false claims.

Monitor infrastructure while building to protect supplies

Managing and monitoring building supplies is an issue with all residential building projects. They may be fine when locked away, but you can’t always lock away what has to be available for use. Many associations have found that their loses come from people “helping” themselves to supplies for personal projects. Smart video surveillance installed and monitored by Securecheck Now prevents theft and controls access to your  supplies so you save money. Even just the announcement that you are installing a system will result in a drop in supply losses. You also can use the system to monitor use or resources to identify patterns that lead to a waste. Smart Video systems aren’t all about security, they are also equally about efficiency and productivity.

Identifying who comes in and out of neighborhood

Security cameras are great for monitoring who comes in and out of  the neighborhood. They are also famous for not giving your security staff any useful information when needed. Intelligent Smart Video cameras are available with low light options and 24 hour recording capability. There are also special cameras designed to be used to monitor vehicle access. The high quality recording works in all lighting to provide a clear and readable view of license plate numbers. Setting dual cameras will allow you to monitor both pedestrian and vehicle access. Better still, the monitoring system can be set to detect changes in each pathway that only relate to the defined parameter of access. In other words, your security system won’t trip because a cat wandered through the walk-in gate.

Deter criminals and vandals

Ask any insurance company or police officer and they will tell you that surveillance systems deter crime. When you install your Smart Video System it is important that you also post warning signs about the system, and it can even be advisable to do a promotion that details the new capabilities. By letting the community at large know you are taking the security of your residents seriously, you are also notifying vandals and criminals that you are not an easy mark. Once they find out that the system is an Intelligent Smart Video surveillance system you will see attempts and trespassing drop swiftly. Most criminals don’t worry about standard security cameras because they know they erase their tapes on a cycle and the image quality is poor. Smart Video uses digital storage and has high quality and even high definition images available if needed. This increases their risk of being caught/investigated, so they just won’t come at all in search of an easier target.

Intelligent Smart Video systems increase tenant retention

Homeowner’s Associations know that the key to success is to retain tenants. The cost of cleaning, prepping and advertising units every lease cycle can add up. The more your tenants feel like they are safe and secure, the more they will stay. It also creates a positive reputation for your building that will keep it full no matter what the economic cycle.

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