How Video Analytics are Changing the World of Security

If you are involved in keeping your company’s assets, site and personnel secure, then you need to find out how the innovations in video analytics are changing the world of security. Video security systems are now dynamic and can reduce your security expense, increasing your retention on site. The ROI on these systems is impressive. What they can do for you and your team is even more impressive. Video analytics promises to transform the security industry so it can meet the needs of today’s business world.

What is so different about Video Analytics?

Video Analytics are more than a computerized security video monitoring system, they are “smart systems”. The latest technology learns what objects and paths to expect in a certain view then can detect changes in that view that can trigger alerts. The system doesn’t just send an alert out; it can also perform different types of responses – from triggering loudspeaker alerts, to lights, to sending a message to a responder.

More effective monitoring than a physical security guard

Real human security guards have real live human attention spans. They also have two eyes that need to see one thing in order for their brain to process all that is going on in view. This creates a problem when you have multiple monitors that need to be observed 24/7. There is no way that a human guard can do this efficiently. A video analytics program can monitor multiple streams simultaneously because that is what it is designed to do.

Allows security teams to become responsive and efficient

While a lot of the marketing surrounding video analytic security systems talks about replacing real security guards, the best choice is to not replace them – but to redefine the role. You won’t need as many boots on the ground to keep your assets and site safe. You can choose to be more selective about the kind of professional that you hire. Video analytic security monitoring systems can make sure that your human security guard is there for a specific reason. You can use them for checking entry IDs, responding to emergencies, and troubleshooting lockouts among other tasks. Guards with advanced IT skills can also assist in the auditing process for your entire site so you can become more proactive with your security.

Provides for tracking and evaluations

Another advantage of these automated systems compared to a live security guard is their tracking capabilities. Not only are they more comprehensive, they are more reliable and efficient. A video analytic system isn’t going to delay doing their paperwork. Every action and frame that triggers the system is tagged, archived and reported using a dynamic framework. This allows for summaries to be reported on multiple platforms to concerned parties. Forensic review now becomes easy since only the frames that are truly necessary are preserved, and none of them are cyclically erased – a problem with old security recording systems.

Detects situations and assigns priorities

While there were a few precursors to the modern video analytic system, they all fell short in being able to determine when an interruption merited an alarm. The new advancements in analytic technology now allow the video system to target and identify stationary objects and trajectories, plus assign them priorities. This means your alarm won’t get triggered if a rodent wanders onscreen, but the system will trigger an alert if the door handle is blocked by a human shape.

Redefining your companies security budgets

By reducing your cost for direct manpower (security guards), you can now mark your budget for items like increasing site security measures (video analytics) and having targeted response teams on each shift.  These individuals can also share in other roles to increase productivity. The manpower it takes to run the analytic programs is light and can be handled by remote access. Your business does not have to staff the monitoring system 24/7. The security systems featuring Video Analytics will alert the monitor when action is needed.


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