Phone Apps To Protect You In Vulnerable Situations

Folks these days go absolutely NOWHERE without their smartphone, and there are plenty of people out there that won’t even think about leaving the house unless their phone is charged to at least 75% or more – knowing that they are going to rip right through that battery with some pretty heavy usage before they get back.

At the same time, smartphone devices focus a lot on texting and using applications and not so much making calls – at least not as much as they used to in the past. That’s because the overwhelming majority of people use their smartphones in nontraditional ways to communicate, and some folks have a tough time manipulating the actual phone part of their smartphones.

This is especially true when people are under duress.

Imagine this scenario for a moment:

You are out for a walk, jogging around the neighborhood, or just heading home after a bit of shopping in the neighborhood when all of a sudden you are attacked or feel threatened by a person or animal.

Fumbling with your phone and trying to run away at the exact same time, finding a way to manipulate your smartphone into calling emergency services or getting the help you need it ASAP may not be anywhere near as easy as you needed to be right then and in the moment.

Thankfully though, there are some major smartphone application developers looking to increase the safety features that our smartphones enjoy. These application developers are building in “help whistle” applications that give you almost immediate access to all of the emergency services you need, usually making those services just a single tap away!

Mobile applications are revolutionizing the safety and security world

New mobile application available on the market today are able to connect you to 911 services instantly, with nothing more than the tap of a single button on your screen, immediately turning on your speakerphone at the exact same time.

This dramatically streamlines the process for getting a hold of emergency services when you need them ASAP but also make sure that you are able to communicate effectively – even if your phone is taken from you or knocked out of your hands.

These applications almost always also activate your GPS so that emergency services can continue to monitor you on an active basis. There are even applications that will send out a text message to all of the emergency services in the area so that your attacker is never aware that the police are tracking you and their location.

These kinds of silent alarms are becoming some of the most often downloaded applications, especially for parents that want to make sure their children are protected.

Hardware and your smartphone or interfacing for security

There are quite a few hardware options that are designed to effortlessly interface with your smartphones technology as well, keeping you safe without you having to have physical control over your device at any particular point in time.

A key fob, for example, may double as an electronic “danger whistle” – connecting with your smartphone via Bluetooth and utilizing all of the communication tools it has built right in to get out an emergency signal when necessary.

Other devices allow you to turn on an alarm on your phone that sounds a lot like a car alarm, alerting everyone in your present to the fact that something is going wrong and that you need help ASAP. These kinds of devices are becoming incredibly popular as well, it certainly helps that most of them are relatively inexpensive without any loss in performance or reliability.

You can take full control of your safety now

At the end of the day, you are going to be able to take advantage of all this new technology to reclaim a lot of your safety and a lot of your secure and might not have been so safe or secure otherwise.

These new solutions are game changing new development in the smartphone world, and as the technology in these smartphones continues to grow and expand these safety solutions are likely to do the exact same thing.

Your new smartphone is far more effective than any “rape whistle” ever could have hoped to be.

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