Benefits of Monitored Surveillance in Schools and Universities

Monitored surveillance by definition is the installation of any item, camera, system, communications device, process or technology device, used in conjunction with a network or alone, for the purpose of monitoring, gathering, storing or recording an image or images of people in school or university facilities.

Security in schools and universities is one of the most important things that should be taken seriously by those in charge of education in every community. Therefore, it is necessary to take advantage of advancements in technology to providing optimal video surveillance systems. SecureCheck, LLC specializes in installing video cameras in key locations on campus for monitored smart video surveillance. Cameras in strategic locations help to monitor the activities of students and faculty as they come and go. Today, the potential threats faced by students, teachers and administrators are overwhelming.

Prevent Trespassers from Entering School Property

One of the benefits of monitored surveillance is that it can help to prevent unauthorized people from entering the school environment. This includes people who have no business in the place and those whom have been suspended. The surveillance can help to quickly identify potential threats to students and faculty. Then, the on-site security personnel can quickly act with accurate information. They can make the informed decision to turn the intruder back or handing them over to law enforcement agents. To a large extent, this means that surveillance can help in preventing thefts, assaults, and other malicious activity. It also serves as evidence during an investigation of crime within the campus or in areas close to the campus.

Prevent Students from Acting Out/Misbehaving

Monitored surveillance includes, but is not limited to web cameras, close circuit television, real-time surveillance systems and computerized visual monitoring. The installation of these devices can help in preventing students from acting out or misbehaving. It is key to inform students of the security and surveillance system and its capabilities. Let them know they it is there for their protection, or act as evidence of crime or any unwholesome act committed in the school or university facility.

Monitoring helps in applying university policies, monitoring every activity on campus to ensure that every student properly follows the school policies. As the surveillance is meant to also maintain secure facilities, students are prevented from misbehaving, for example, destroying school property because the facilities are covered by cameras.

Deter criminal acts

Monitored surveillance also helps to deter criminal acts. The majority of student movement occurs during the day but there are often extracurricular activities that take place at night. Monitored surveillance in these situation is an invaluable tool.  When criminals are aware that a school is monitored around the clock, they naturally stay away. Crimes are often committed at parking lots, and this is why the installation of security cameras in such places pays off in making the school safer. The surveillance system excels at preventing minor crimes such as theft and break-ins.

Allows for Remote Monitoring of School from Smartphone or Tablet

As was required in the past, security personnel do not need to sit before large screens 24 hours a day to monitor the security cameras installed. The advantage of modern security gadgets is that they have apps which can be installed on smartphones and tablets. This technology enables school or university officials to continue monitoring the environment from any location; even whcn off the school campus. The surveillance systems have IP network technology which sends video streams over the internet for remote monitoring. Those in charge of the school can view the footage from cameras throughout the campus, and this can be done from any computer with access to the network and an internet connection.

Ensures Safety of Staff, Teachers, and School Administrators

Monitored surveillance ensures the safety of staff, teachers and school administrators at all times.

This protection is made possible when cameras record:

  • - activities near school building entrances and exits;
  • - at-risk areas like walking paths which are poorly lit
  • - locations where students, teachers and school administrators might find themselves alone and defenseless
  • - campus parking lots
  • - cashier offices, campus stores, and common areas like lobbies and stairways.
  • - sports facilities and residence halls.


Though monitored surveillance devices do not guarantee safety of students, teachers and school administrators in schools and universities, they serve to deter the large amounts of petty crime that occurs on campuses as a as a timely and useful investigative aid in regard to criminal acts or omissions.

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