Products and Services

Video Cameras

Many security problems start for homes & businesses when no one is watching. With SecureCheck, LLC Camera Systems, you can view a Live Feed of your security cameras from anywhere in the world using your – iPhone, Android, iPad, PC, Mac, and More. Our services ensures full coverage around the clock monitoring from all angles. We keep an eye on places you value, even when you are not looking.

SecureCheck offers a large variety of high-quality equipment to bring you cutting-edge solutions for your home or business in Houston & surrounding areas.

Our sophisticated technologies can store your video, allow you to see it real time wherever you are, and enhance your business operations through remote video services. These services include alarm verification, remote escorts, video guard tours and optional audio.

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Alarm Systems


At SecureCheck, we use DMP products featuring Z-wave because they provide industry-leading reliability, ease of installation and interoperability. Our clients are increasingly looking to deploy smart devices that can offer benefits including improved security, comfort, communications and energy efficiency. Unlike competing technologies, Z-Wave is a single open standard, using wireless mesh networking technology to allow wide array of devices to seamlessly communicate, including lighting, appliances, HVAC, and security systems.

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Alarm Monitoring


Central monitoring ensures crucial alarm and trouble events are acted upon quickly and appropriately. We offer advanced automation monitoring systems for intrusion detection, fire threats and emergency panic/hold up. Our critical condition monitoring can provide immediate notification of flooding, gas leaks and extreme temperature changes at your business. Our solutions also feature facility open and close supervision and two-way voice notifications, plus a full range of exception based reporting. These business services are offered both electronically and via web portals allowing you to monitor and manage your facility wherever you are.

Professional alarm monitoring has shown to save companies thousands in lost revenue. Learn more about false alarms and how 95% of them can be eliminated on blog.

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Access Control


A Variety of Security Options

SecureCheck, LLC access control systems range from high-end technologies best for large businesses to basic security measures for upstart or more moderately sized businesses. Many of our systems are great for both indoor and outdoor use and provide security not only against intruders, but against vandals as well.

Coded Locks Coded door locks are the classic for any secure entry system because they are easy to use, can be quickly changed as circumstances dictate, and don’t rely on items that can be lost, stolen, forgotten, or destroyed. Many coded locks come with the added feature of allowing for several separate codes to record which personnel are entering or exiting the area in question.


Biometric scanners are one of the most secure solutions that you can have for a business. Utilizing cutting edge technology, a biometric security system allows you to make sure, without a doubt, that who is being let into your facility should be there. By checking for specific characteristics of an individual, such as fingerprints, handprint, or retinal scans, your security system will be able to tell exactly who is at your door.

Key Fobs and Key cards

Key fobs and key cards are some of the quickest ways for your trusted employees to enter and exit areas that require security and, in a fast-paced business world like Chicago that can be an extremely important trait to have. Not only are there the classic card inserts or card swipes, there are also touchless pads that can be personalized and detect several different codes, allowing you to know who comes and goes.

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