With Over 18 Million In Art, Houston Executive Chooses SecureCheck Video Security

Protecting commercial and industrial interests is a multifaceted task that demands comprehensive solutions. Monitoring products and solutions from SecureCheck Video Security can prove to be extremely useful in this regard. Intrusion and fire detection can protect not only the building itself, but anything of value that might be found inside the building, as well. This can include equipment, furniture, important documents, or even valuable artwork.

A Houston executive with a taste for expensive art recently saw the need to provide protection for more than eighteen million in assets. Much of this art can be found in their Houston office building. For an investment this considerable, it was essential for this executive to work with a company that could protect this artwork on every possible level. They turned to SecureCheck Video Security. The end result is that this executive can now display their collection as they see fit. This is because they know their valuables are protected from intrusion, theft, fire, and every other possibility by our range of monitoring solutions.

Protecting Millions Of Dollars In Merchandise

Different clients have different security demands. Our company offers such services as central station monitoring, remote video monitoring, communication, remote management of access control systems, and much more. Our company also works with developing solutions around financial and physical security demands, in addition to offering fire and life safety solutions, electronic security solutions, and customized security solutions.

Within all of these services, it is easy to imagine a dozen Houston-based commercial and industrial interests utilizing our features in a dozen completely different ways. When this Houston executive came to us with the desire to protect so much valuable art, we developed an approach to protecting his investments that kept the specifics of his needs and business in mind. The situation called for coverage on par with what you might find in a museum. After all, a museum is often home to millions and millions of dollars in priceless works. Museum-level video surveillance that emphasizes one hundred percent coverage at all times. Smart video analytics also proved to be useful in this regard, allowing our company to analyze surveillance video in real time, while being able to consistently improve our incident response.

With these measures, as well as others, firmly in place, our client now had an unshakable degree of confidence. They knew without question that their investment was now being protected on a multitude of levels. At the same time, these security solutions have also proven to be invaluable for protecting the rest of this place of business. In every possible way, this executive now has a security team in his corner that can emphasize fast response, creative, proven solutions, and smart security analytics.

The Need To Safeguard Your Investment

Our advanced automation monitoring system works to protect you from intrusion detection, general emergencies, and even fire threats. Critical condition monitoring can cover a number of different scenarios, and this monitoring can be employed with both commercial and industrial properties.

Remote video monitoring can also prove to be extremely useful, regardless of the specific investment or investments you are trying to safeguard. This technology allows our company to record and store your video, while giving you the ability to review everything in real time. No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to review your information, and deal with the situation accordingly. Remote video monitoring can prove to be extremely useful to those who want to enhance their general business operations.

These are just a few of the possibilities that are available to you. The executive who recently trusted us to protect 18 million in artwork is just one example of the clients we serve throughout the Houston area. If you feel as though your security needs a serious upgrade, contact us to get started. We can take you through the general services that we offer, while explaining how these services can be customized in a variety of needs, in order to ensure even the most complex security concerns are being met.

With the right security measures in place, you’re taking advantage of a considerable peace of mind. Our clients are interested in taking greater control of their surroundings. To that end, they contact us to create a plan.

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