SecureCheck LLC, a full-service security company, has moved its operations
to expanded facilities that accommodate the installation of a dedicated monitoring center utilizing
updated technology and system redundancy.

“After operating more than three years in Sugar Land, business growth demanded a larger
facility that allows us to update our technology and maintain our steadfast dedication to customer
service,” said Jack Molho, principal of SecureCheck.

The new SecureCheck facility allowed the installation of a dedicated monitoring center as well
as a redundant offsite hot monitoring center that maintains communications systems, monitoring and
security in the event of a disaster or power outage.

SecureCheck focuses on video surveillance and analytical detection methods to prevent
intrusion, theft or other losses for auto dealerships, high value and sensitive assets. The company
provides design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of surveillance and stand-alone security
systems, business and multifamily security systems. It specializes in securing auto dealerships, sensitive
and high-value assets whether commercial, retail, residential, office, municipal or community related

About SecureCheck

The new 4,000 sq. ft. facility is located at 9800 Centre Parkway in Southwest Houston.
More information about SecureCheck is available at or by calling 832-279-0311.

SecureCheck LLC is a full-service security company providing video surveillance and analytical detection
services. Locally owned and operated, the company is staffed by current and former law enforcement
professionals with extensive experience in investigative services. SecureCheck is a member of the Better
Business Bureau, Association of Water Board Districts, National Association of Auto Dealers and Houston
Association of Auto Dealers. For more information visit

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