24/7 Monitored Surveillance Without Having On-Site Security Guard

Managing security is complicated by trying to balance the tools – such as cameras and monitors – with the a detail of security guards. Recent innovations in camera technology have produced what is known as intelligent smart video security systems. More and more companies and building security associations are choosing to use these systems to provide 24/7 monitored on site security. Depending on the application, these systems are also allowing companies not to have on-site human security guards. While this represents a huge cost savings, it takes planning to make a smart video security solution your only on-site presence.

Why not having a security guard on-site may provide better security

Not having a security guard on-site may provide you with better security. The human brain is incapable of the type of focus and attention that is needed to monitor security views consistently. It is estimated that human security guards miss over 75% of the activity on their screens – even when they are rested and paying attention to the screens well. Part of this has to do with our vision, and part of it has to do with our natural bias to monitoring our immediate surroundings for survival. No human guard can monitor an area as well as a smart security system can. The smart video security systems can monitor 24/7 without losing any level of focus on the view. They use advanced object oriented analytic processes to determine if something is occurring within the field of view that then triggers an alert or procedure according to the priorities encoded in its parameters. The on-site security guard is then replaced by an off-site response team that uses remote monitoring to gauge the level of response needed.

How remote monitoring works

With remote monitoring you can log in to review recordings and see real-time views using any device that is compatible with the system. From the remote monitoring app you can also trigger on-site responses, such as activating access codes; or take further action by initiating a human response (call the police) to the situation the smart system has alerted you to. Managing the remote monitoring can be done by your own security staff, or it can be done by Securecheck Now with their team of experienced professionals. Remote monitoring reduces the need for on-site security personnel and makes the responses available to security personnel more effective. All of this has a very positive effect on your bottom line.

Installing to cover all of your areas

Securecheck Now will install new style smart cameras that will cover all areas of the site. The cameras are available in both indoor and outdoor, weather proof models. There are also options to help pick the correct video transmission quality for the application – such as low light and high quality video for monitoring vehicles and recording license plate numbers, or using low light low definition cameras for monitoring neutral zones on the exterior. By overlapping the field of view of the cameras you can create panoramic coverage that eliminates blind spots.

Control access

The intelligent smart video cameras can be programmed to control access to areas as well. You can let the system run the access, or it can send an alert when triggered to allow remote monitoring personnel to trigger the access instead.

Using 2-way communication

One of the major benefits of using a smart security video system with remote monitoring is the two way communication possibilities that are available. By being able to see, and communicate, in real time with your security response staff you can more quickly assess the correct procedures to rectify a situation. With voice enabled systems, you can can also remotely communicate within the area surveyed to speak to whoever is within view of the camera.

Developing a response plan with priorities

Working with a 24/7 digital remote video smart security system allows you to develop response strategies that are driven by priority guidelines. It removes the unpredictability of a human determined response and allows for pre-determined strategies and protocols to be followed more strictly. This can help mitigate liability on many different levels.

System activated response

With priorities defining the parameters of the system activated response there is little need for a team of on-site security guards 24/7. Many of the disturbances that trigger a security response do not need a guard present. Smart video security systems can determine the nature of the disturbance and trigger automate responses, as well as alert security teams and emergency personal when needed.  Minimizing the hours of your human on-site security guard increases your bottom line and in most cases increases the level of security at your home or business.


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