SecureCheck Successfully Implements Video Security in Greatwood, Texas

SecureCheck is a respected, Houston-based security company which is owned by former law enforcement professionals. Today, the firm would like to announce the successful implementation of video security in Greatwood, Texas. This extends to “in/out” license plate readers, “in/out” video surveillance and video analytics, all of which may run twenty-four hours a day.

In/out license plate readers allow for easier, more reliable tracking of vehicles in the area.

In/out video surveillance is a deterrent to break-ins, thefts, violence and vandalism and also helps with the identification of suspicious persons. The sophisticated technology offered by the company allows for the storage of video and for the viewing of video in “real time”, from any location.

Video analytics is a high-tech, computerized process which adds to the odds of successfully identifying those who are doing what they shouldn’t while they are in Greatwood. As well, it is a reliable way to gauge how many people are active in an area, in general and at specific times of the day and night. It also helps with compiling a lot of other useful statistics. Video analytics is very helpful in terms of assisting community leaders with making smart decisions about how to run and grow their communities. As well, it really boosts security!

This new SecureCheck initiative will enhance security in the neighborhood and increase the overall peace of mind of Greatwood residents. It will improve security in the area via CPTED tried-and-true principles. CPTED stands for Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.

Providing Security is a Privilege

SecureCheck is honored to be participating in this security initiative. The company brings nine decades of experience to its duties. SecureCheck is renowned for offering the most efficient and effective security solutions to private residents, community organizations, car dealerships and many other type of clients. The entire SecureCheck team is committed to protecting citizens, residences and businesses, as well as personal, commercial and industrial property.

This team offers new and legacy security systems to customers, for fair rates, and its continued success is due to technical know-how, deep understanding of security concerns (and how to solve them) and ongoing dedication in terms of providing superlative customer service.

The importance of proper security systems and security processes should never be underestimated. This is why SecureCheck is proud to help the Greatwood community stay safe. When the right security measures are in place, communities become more pleasant places to live.

Any security processes which deter crime and help to identify shady characters have great value to the entire law-abiding community. The cost of high-tech security solutions from SecureCheck is suprisingly affordable and consultations and quotes are available. Interested parties, such as community associations or car dealerships, may reach out to the company’s service representatives in order to get the facts that they need. SecureCheck helps a lot of different types of people and organizations and our company can help you and/or your community.

In the future, the success of this video security program in Greatwood, Texas may inspire other communities to have the same SecureCheck security systems installed. SecureCheck is able to design custom systems and also sells new and used systems which are ready for installation. The company takes jobs of all sizes.

In addition to video surveillance, in/out license plate readers and video analytics, SecureCheck provides clients with alarm systems, central station monitoring, remote management of access control systems and an assortment of other security solutions. The company is sending part of its team to the 2017 NADA Conference in New Orleans at the end of January. Its team will help the country’s car dealership owners to learn about the most modern and efficient security systems for car dealerships.

As you can see, SecureCheck is an integral part of the Greatwood community. Since Greatwood is just 10 miles from SecureCheck’s Houston headquarters, the security company’s team members are passionate about providing Greatwood residents with the highest level of community security possible, for the most reasonable rates. The company expects to help more communities, by installing similar security systems in the foreseeable future.

If you want more information, please contact the company via the contact information posted below:

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888-534.1834 (Toll Free)
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