Monitoring Services


Our monitoring solutions can be customized for all facilities, both commercial and industrial, and for every contingency. Our CSAA Five Diamond Certified monitoring services are fully integrated in real-time with intrusion and fire detection, access control and video surveillance systems.

Central Station Monitoring

central station Central monitoring ensures crucial alarm and trouble events are acted upon quickly and appropriately. We offer advanced automation monitoring systems for intrusion detection, fire threats and emergency panic/hold up. Our critical condition monitoring can provide immediate notification of flooding, gas leaks and extreme temperature changes at your business. Our solutions also feature facility open and close supervision and two-way voice notifications, plus a full range of exception based reporting. These business services are offered both electronically and via web portals allowing you to monitor and manage your facility wherever you are. 5-star-certified

Remote Video Monitoring

remote monitoring Our sophisticated technologies can store your video, allow you to see it real time, wherever you are, and enhance your business operations through remote video services. These services include alarm verification, remote escorts and video guard tours, all with optional audio. 5-star-certified


communication Your systems communicate with our monitoring center using your choice of technology (telephone, VOIP, IP, cellular), and we communicate with you using your choice of technology (telephone, cell, text, e-mail).

Remote Management of Access Control Systems

6302355014_68930a0e7b_z Our specialized access control teams manage a full range of access control platforms, including remote processing of database update requests, badge creation with private labeling and remote door management services.Through our service partner we are able to offer the highest UL rated solutions in all 50 States

Financial & Physical Security Solutions

finance & physical ATMs
UL-listed Safes, Vaults & Locks
Under-counter Steel Equipment
Drive-up Systems
UL-listed Teller Lockers and Depositories
Transaction Equipment & General Banking Equipment
Disaster Recovery Program
Modular Buildings
Intrusion Alarms
Video Surveillance
Access Control Solutions

Fire & Life Safety Solutions

fire Certified Systems Inspection and Testing
Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
Smoke Control Systems
Emergency Mass Notification and Evacuation Systems
Sprinkler Systems
Fire Suppression Systems (Clean Agent, Gas, Foam and Water Mist
Intercom Service & Emergency Call Boxes
Emergency Lighting Systems

Electronic Security Solutions

electronic Enterprise Access Control Systems
Intrusion Alarm Systems
Video Surveillance Systems: CCTV, DVR, NVRs (Analog & IP)
Digital Video Conversion from Analog
Cloud Based Video Control, Storage and Retrieval

Other Solutions

Voice and Data Systems
UL-listed Central Monitoring Stations
Remote Interactive Video Monitoring Systems
Nurse Call Systems
Communication and Sound Systems
Managed Access
Video Guard Tours we have the resources to help you meet the real needs and challenges of your security and fire programs. Our broad portfolio of life safety and security solutions employs cutting-edge technology, advanced systems integration and a trained and certified technical team to ensure each business gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it because we are relentlessly dedicated to protecting your business from the risks it faces every day. From water and sewer plants,  hi-rise buildings and campuses to banks and financial institutions, retail, healthcare and warehouse facilities – any high value asset –  on both the national and local level, our flexible solutions can help protect your business. Our solutions for businesses include:

  • Fire Detection and Evacuation Notification
  • Fire Suppression and System Monitoring
  • Certified Fire System Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Services
  • Emergency Notification and Evacuation
  • Remote Interactive Video Solutions
  • Manned Guard Consolidation and Reduction Solutions
  • Certified Systems Inspection and Testing
  • Scalable Access Control Solutions
  • Digital Video Conversion From Analog
  • Cloud Based Video Control, Storage and Retrieval
  • Alarm Monitoring and Response Initiation
  • Cloud Based Access Control Solutions