How live monitoring with analytics is making outdoor security practical and reliable

If you are in charge of securing the outdoor perimeter of any project or site, you know it is a puzzle that comes with many different pieces.  These pieces have to be taken into consideration when formulating an effective solution. In the past, outdoor security was typically considered to come with an inevitable percentage of loss. This was due to the inability of traditional systems to properly secure perimeters and outdoor areas reliably. The latest innovations in video analytic digital security systems are changing the world of security. Learn More today. With digital systems in place, there can be more extensive coverage, reliable monitoring assessment, and instantaneous prioritized response issued from the control system.

The changing face of perimeter security

Perimeter security has traditionally been done with fencing, patrols and manned access gates (guard booth). While this proved to be cost effective for decades, the past 10 years have seen a change in what thieves are targeting on sites. Many are no longer trying to get into buildings or sites to steal whatever assets the business may have. Fencing is deployed at construction sites yet $1B is materials are stolen annually. Universities, who have more commonly used human guard monitored video surveillance, still have an average rate of 60% of crimes that happen on their site in parking lots going undetected. This in spite of the fact that the crimes committed within viewing range of a camera.  Thieves are also trying to steal the perimeter security material itself.

CASE STUDY – Two Miles of Fence

In 2006, the V. Sue Cleveland High School Complex Construction Project outside Albuquerque New Mexico discovered that over the weekend over two miles of perimeter fence panels had been stolen from the site. Making this even more astonishing is the fact that the panels were already in place. Investigators determined that the thieves would have had to have fork trucks and a flatbed truck to have removed all the panels – based on the evidence found on the site. The site was under constant surveillance by a large company using human guards in patrols during the off hours. There were no witnesses to the event, and the material was never recovered. The estimated cost of the theft was $170,000. The estimated cost to the project due to schedule disruptions was placed at $250,000.

Today, mobile security trailers offer over 95% coverage for construction sites.  If mobile surveillance camera’s had been in place, taxpayers could have saved $250,000 and caught the perpetrators. Simply put, human patrols don’t offer enough coverage to protect large property from theft. Companies need to use a combination of video security with analytics to keep their property and assets secure.

The increasing cost of traditional perimeter security

It isn’t just construction sites that are seeing direct losses of material of all types. Utility substations are experiencing theft of wire as the cost of copper rises. New home divisions are now required to have security patrols to prevent removal of copper. Vacant buildings have the same requirements; set in place by their insurers. The market value of scrap and the underground network of metal and materials theft has thrived during the recent downturn of the economy. The combination of factors have created a situation that is proving too costly to secure with traditional methods. When you compare the potential risk with new digital solutions available, it is easy to see that changing how you approach outdoor security will prove beneficial. The implementation of live video monitoring protects your site and saves money.

The cost savings comparison

Manning security stations is costly. When guards are deployed the cost can easily outweigh the benefit. When you consider that 95% of the activity is missed, and the response is often inappropriate, securing your assets can be handled more cost effectively. A part of the reason for why this happens is the reliability of the human-based monitoring is very low. The human brain cannot track and monitor multiple situations simultaneously. Even with the best trained guards – life and attention spans are just “too human”. With live monitoring via a digital video analytic security system, you will need fewer guards, but will gain more security power through sensors that never blink or sleep. The sensors help human guards by sending them accurate data that they can act on. When a security breach occurs, time is important. Notifying the appropriate authorities in a timely manner is the difference in saving thousands if not millions of dollars in asset damage.

Increased area coverage with less coverage cost

With outdoor security, making sure that large areas are covered can be difficult and costly. Take corporate buildings and car dealerships. patrols can only monitor set sections at a time. Combine this with the fact that manned monitors typically have restricted perimeter capabilities (i.e. can’t scale walls). New video surveillance technology used with live monitoring and analytics allows you to calibrate long range cameras to overlap their perimeter views. You now have the ability to monitor ever inch of your property 24/7.

How analytics work to increase efficacy of monitoring

Analytics tracks intruders, provides exact GPS location and passes them off to the next camera as they leave its field of view. The information is also analyzed according to the goals and objectives of the calibration priorities set for the system. If one of the stationary objects is blocked by an intruder’s passage, the system can determine the risk factor and respond appropriately. There are many tips to maximize the success of your video surveillance system. During your SecureCheck site survey we can discuss customizing your coverage and system parameters for your specific site needs. No two systems are alike.

Innovations in technology and deployment have brought down costs

There are many different innovations in the digital live monitoring industry that have served to bring down the cost of installation and deployment:

  1.  Installation costs are down by avoiding trenching cables (required by outdoor sensors)
  2.  Deploying video sensors with wireless links
  3.  New thermal camera technologies improve detection ability
  4.  Improved weather proof casing reduce replacement and maintenance costs

In the long range price comparison, the ROI of a digital live monitoring system is much more cost effective than the traditional manned security monitoring approach. Within one year, surveillance cameras and analytics software will recoup their costs. In contrast, live teams will only increase their costs to an organization (employment benefits).

Reliable live monitoring systems are becoming the industry norm

The use of video analytics for live monitoring systems is fast becoming the industry norm. No other approach to site security can deliver the reliability and ROI of these video monitoring and surveillance systems. When it comes to outdoor security, the advantages of digital systems are easy to see. If you are considering redefining your security program with a shift to predominantly live video monitoring with video analytics, contact SecureCheck today. With your free site survey, you will find that there are many ways you can shift your manpower and make your site more productive and secure.

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