Car Dealership Surveillance – Prevent Theft, Monitor Employee Conduct, and Customer Behavior

If you want to beef up security at your car dealership, but aren’t quite sure which security methods offer the biggest ROI (return on investment), you should know that choosing a good video surveillance system will be well worth the money.

SecureCheck, LLC helps to businesses prevent theft and also assists with monitoring employee conduct and the behavior of customers. In addition, it helps car dealership owners to figure out how many customers visit and what they look at while they are there. This means that it functions as a great marketing tool.

Since it offers four benefits in one, it’s a solution to many problems and this is why more and more car dealership owners are investing in smart video surveillance. The best video surveillance systems have analytics features which make it possible to detect intruders and also gather information about them.

Access Real-time Video Surveillance

Cutting-edge video surveillance systems monitor areas in real-time. This is the key to ensuring rapid responses to unusual circumstances which may happen at a car dealership. Since your lot contains expensive inventory, knowing that unusual events will be detected by a central station or staff of security professionals will give you greater peace of mind.

Once this type of activity is detected, it may be verified and responded to. This will include notifying law enforcement if it’s appropriate to do so.

If you want constant protection of larger regions, with a mind to deterring thieves, vandals and other unwanted “guests”, you’ll love what video surveillance systems (which include analytics features) have to offer. These systems are designed to stop crime before it starts and to gather strong, video-based evidence which may be utilized in order to figure out exactly who criminals are…and to prosecute these shady characters.

As well, if you’re worried about the conduct of your staff members, you should know that putting a video surveillance system in place at your car dealership will allow you to see who’s working hard and who is slacking off. It’ll also help you to spot any theft by employees, or any other type of rule-breaking which threatens your car dealership’s reputation or bottom line.

If you choose to put cameras in places where they are hard to miss, employees will see the cameras. Knowing that cameras are there will help to keep staff members in line! It’s a lot easier to get away with things when you know that you’re not being monitored via video! Therefore, a video surveillance system definitely encourages more professionalism and stricter adherence to dealership rules.

Sometimes, employees sue the companies that they work for. When you have video footage, it will be much easier to establish the veracity (or lack thereof) of a lawsuit from a staff member. In this sense, installing this type of system will help you to avoid liability.

The analytics features in the best video surveillance systems give car dealership owners vital facts which relate to determining numbers of customers and how they behave. Since video exposes habits and shows which cars are of interest, the right video surveillance system will help your buyers to choose more of the inventory that customers gravitate towards! It will also make it simpler to establish effective marketing campaigns.

 Find the Right System Today

Contact SecureCheck, LLC today for more details about video surveillance systems and smart analytics features. We consistently provide with the utmost care during the process; ask our clients. We recommend choosing a company which has ties with law enforcement and a strong and positive reputation in your community.

Once you’ve chosen the right system and trust SecureCheck, LLC to monitor the premises, you’ll be doing all that you can to keep your car dealership safe, crime-free and productive.

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