5 Reasons to Install Monitored Security Systems

Security systems are electronic devices used at the entry points of homes and businesses such as windows and doors. Systems can also include motion detection to monitor interior space where valuables like computers, art, guns, and coin collections are kept. Regardless of the number of doors and windows, the size of your property, the number of interior rooms you want to protect, or the number and type of security components installed, having professional monitoring with SecureCheck, LLC makes all difference in how protected your properties are. Contact SecureCheck, LLC Now for a free site assessment.

Generally, a security system includes:
  • Sensors for door and window
  • A control panel, which is what controls the security system of the business, home or property
  • Interior and exterior motion sensors
  • A high-decibel alarm or siren
  • Wireless or wired security cameras
  • Window stickers and a yard sign
  • Smart Analytic software with Real-Time Response

What are Monitored Security Systems?

Monitored security systems are systems that use real-time analytic information and they are monitored professionally by an alarm or security company. SecureCheck, LLC is alerting if problem a arises in your home or business. In addition to the alert that is triggered, a high-decibel alarm also sounds. Depending on your monitoring package either a trained security expert or our android and iphone apps setup 2-way voice communication with the property owner. If the threat is immediately deemed an emergency local authorities are automatically alerted.

The types of security systems which the monitoring company uses in communicating are:
  • Wifi through your existing wireless network
  • Wireless communication through cellular radio frequencies such as the use of mobile phones, which can also work during power outages.
  • Existing phone lines at home, which will also work during power outages.
  • Through the Internet, limited use during power outage.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), though it does not work when there is a power outage.

Do You Need Monitored Security Systems?

Monitored security systems have certain benefits, and this is why millions of them are installed every year in the United States. Some of the reasons to install them are discussed here.

Deter Criminals and Vandals

Criminals are always drawn to properties which look attractive. Even though there might not be valuable items inside, properties with lax or lack security entirely present attractive targets. Homes and business with valuable assets and dated security systems are easily broken into. Once vandals have access to the property, valuables worth thousands or even millions of dollars can be easily stolen. Even banks can also be easily robbed because cash is believed to be kept inside. Monitored security systems can easily prevent intruders from gaining entrance. In most cases, before breaking in and robbing a property, criminals observe a property. But, with the presence of security systems, they simply go to a property without any security system in place or with systems which do not provide adequate security.

Monitor the Children

If you are a parent, knowing what your children are doing at home when you are not around is very important thing. Children usually do not follow instructions when parents are not nearby, and they do more when parents are away from home.

With monitored security systems, you are able to watch your children and protect them from any incident which could cause harm. The systems are useful when your children are playing near the street or in the front yard. Monitoring with video analytics  will also quickly alerted you when strangers approach. Do you have a babysitter? If so, you may find monitored security systems to be very helpful, as you are able to monitor the interaction of your babysitter with your children.

Remotely Monitor Property

Another benefit of monitored security systems is that they make it possible for you to remotely monitor your possessions or property when you are not physically around to do yourself. Technology makes it possible to even monitor places where you are not always available, whether it is a ranch or a place which you use as a second home.

Prevent Homes from being Invaded

Monitored security systems also enable you to identify anybody who is at your property. Security systems with monitoring by SecureCheck, LLC enables you to know who is at your door before opening. They let you see more than what door peepholes, adding another layer of protection for you and your family. Whether it is at night (via nightvision) or during the day, you can easily know the movements of every visitor before entering your house.

Increase Productivity at the Office

Do you really want to know what your employees are doing, and if they are really working during office hours? In some cases, employees could be sleeping at the office or just walking around without doing anything, and this affects productivity and profitability of your business. This means that monitored security systems give value for the investment in them, and you would really have the right people and the right number working for you.


Those are some of the reasons you need to install monitored security systems. They should be in your home or office if you no longer want to suffer huge losses associated with loss of productivity and theft; protect your children; monitor your property remotely; and keep intruders away.

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