Tips to Stay Secure Part 2

This is the continuation of Part 1 on the things to do to stay secure at home. The tips also apply to keeping intruders away even when you are not at home. This Part 2 discusses some other things you need to do to ensure that your home is completely safe.

When Moving to a New Home Change all the Locks

It is necessary to have all the locks on your doors changed when you move into a new home. You should do this even if the property does not have any history of burglary. You don’t want to experience the first incident. The standard bore of your door damb is 2-⅛”. The brand of the lock should be displayed on the door latch, and buying the same brand means you would not need to do a lot of adjustments.

Your House Key Is Not Fido’s Dog Tag

Sometimes, keys get lost, and that could be a terrible experience as you would not be able to enter the house until you find a solution. However, the keys falling to the hands of the wrong person could be a more terrible thing if your address is written on the keychain. Whomever finds your keys knows exactly where to go to get access to your home. You could have an intruder gaining entrance before you discover the key is missing. Avoid adding a keychain with your address on it so that even if your keys are lost, nobody will be able to tie them to your home.

Don’t Hide a Key Outside The Door

People who are not used to being careful always lose their keys. Thus, to prevent having to come home one night and be unable to enter the home, they usually keep spare keys outside. These are often kept close to the door. Sound familiar? Intruders think so as well. This can end up being a bad idea if an intruder finds them when you are away. It is better to keep spare keys with family who lives nearby or a trusted friend or neighbor who do not live with you.

A Peep Hole Should be Installed in Your Front Door

Installing a peephole is another way of staying secure. Not everybody who knocks at the door is a welcome visitor. Some bold intruders even knock, announcing their presence before they strike. What a peephole does, is that it lets you know who is at the other side of the door before you determine whether to open the door or not. The peephole should be installed at the center of your door so that you are able to see who is knocking.

Speed​Dial Important Numbers

Finally, you can help stay secure by storing important numbers in your phone and add shortcuts to speed dialing them. Doing this prevents you from cracking your brain when you need those numbers most. Some of the numbers to have are those of the police department, fire service, poison control and many others. A list of emergency numbers for the Houston area can be found here. In the USA, the number you call in the event of an emergency is always 911.


In part 2 we covered some additional simple guidelines to follow to help you and your family stay secure. Another rule to follow is not to advertise to the world that you are away. Posting your whereabouts on social media could work against you. Potential intruders will know you are away and can breaking uninterrupted. It is often those closest to us, with the most intimate information that get in and hurt use the most. For your free site survey, contact secure check today! We have a friendly, bilingual staff ready to assess your current situation and provide recommendations to help you stay more secure.

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