Tips to Stay Secure Part 1

Burglary is one of the easiest crimes that can be prevented, even though it is the most common. Every 15 seconds a burglary is being committed somewhere in the United States. Whether you live alone or live with family or friends, staying secure should be done following certain guidelines. Following a few simple strategies could go a long way to protect you, your family and your property. It is even more important if it is your first time being alone at home or if you find yourself in a new city or environment.

Part 1 or our 2 part series discusses the various strategies for staying secure. The good news is that they are so simple that we often forget to do them. Avoid complacency that can leave you open to attack with these 5 tips.

Lock Your Windows, Doors and Garage

In most cases, people living in neighborhoods which are really safe usually fail to lock their windows, doors and garage. Shockingly (or not) this can be whether they are at home or not. However, situations like these can be taken advantage of by intruders, as intruders look for careless homeowners before striking.

Secure Your Windows, Doors and Garage

In addition to locking the door and windows, it is also necessary to secure them if you really want to stay secure. This should not be seen as an additional labor but a way to ensure that your home is completely safe. SecureCheck, LLC has alarm and surveillance systems to fit any budget or level of complexity. We install 8 camera smart systems on homes as well as full integrated surveillance systems at local Houston area banks and car dealerships. Call SecureCheck today for a free site survey.

Don’t Disclose What You Have

While some people might see bragging about their belongings to be a thing of pride among peers. Don’t allow the quest for social media attention be the the doorway for an uninvited guest. All the gadgets you have at home should only be accessible to family and trusted friends. Imagine exposing your home theater gadgets to all; people you know and complete strangers! Out of millions of possoble followers, there is one who is looking to take advantage of you for the things you have. Be careful about what you share and post on social media. Boasting about trips and vacations can be an open door for attackers to take advantage of you.

Let There be Light

Installing outdoor lights is another way of securing your property because at night. With proper lighting, nothing is able to hide behind shrubs. Thieves don’t like to not risk being seen at night. Proper lighting creates long shadows that can be seen at night. Strategic lighting is an excellent way of preventing intruders from entering. Make sure the lights have a range of at least 75 feet from your house. Call SecureCheck today for a free site survey.

Don’t Allow Deliveries When Out Of Town

Staying secure also involves not allowing deliveries when you are out of town. If you have a daily, weekly or monthly delivery of items such as newspapers or other items, call the provider’s office and let them know that you would be out of town. This will prevent packages from sitting on your doorstep, clearly indicating that no one is home. This greatly prevents intruders from attempting to gain access to your property.


These are 5 everyday tips that you can follow to help stay safe in Houston or when traveling out of town. Some other ones you could consider are not leaving keys outside; taking a self-defense course, having a dog at home; installing an alarm system; having an emergency plan; having trimmed and neat landscaping; pretending to say goodbye to someone inside when you are going out; not having a ladder in your backyard; and having a good relationship with your neighbors. Be sure to check back for part 2 of our series where we will go into detail on 5 more tips to help you, your family and your property stay secure.


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