How to Stay Safe During the Holiday Shopping Season

If you’re interested in boosting safety this holiday season, you should know that there are some fail-safe ways to increase the odds of a peaceful, crime-free holiday. Today, we’d like to share some tips on how to stay safe. They come from law enforcement and they are definitely the smartest tips around. Cops know crime and they know how regular people should protect themselves from it.

Get Friendly with the Neighbors

If you’re not close with your neighbors, you may want to reach out. Good neighbors keep an eye on things and this means keeping an eye out for suspicious activities near the homes of others who live close by. If you don’t have a Neighborhood Watch program in place, you should think about starting one. Your local police station will be able to give you plenty of advice about how to make your community safer via neighbor involvement.

If you don’t want a formal Neighborhood Watch program, you may want to invite your neighbors over in order to discuss security tactics for the holidays. It’s about keeping a close watch on activity in the community. The holidays will be a great time to reach out to those who live near you. People are feeling festive and they are usually more open to get-togethers.

Be Wary in Parking Lots

A lot of thieves steal from cars during the holidays. They know that lots of pricey gifts are stored in trunks and back seats at this time of year. In particular, cars are at risk for theft when the sun is rising and setting. Any time when things aren’t well-lit, thieves find it easier to conduct crimes. This is why you will need to remain alert and ensure that any valuables are securely locked in your car trunk.

Also, make a habit of looking into your front and back seat before you get in your car. Someone may be in there and it just takes a second to know if you should enter your vehicle or run away as fast as possible.

Don’t Get Distracted While You Shop

Also, you should stay alert while you’re shopping. Make sure that you’re not so overloaded with parcels that you won’t be able to make a move to get away from someone. In addition, you should know that con artists come out of the woodwork at this time of year. They look for vulnerable people or distracted people. This means that you should guard your belongings carefully.

As well, keep all of your credit card information at home. Write down card numbers and so on, in case someone steals the cards that you’re carrying. Don’t tote too many valuable items along with you, as this will make you a target. A con artist may try to distract you in order to take what you are holding.

Use the Buddy System

It’s smarter to shop with others. Thieves and con artists are definitely less inclined to target groups. It’s much easier for them to target people who are on their own. With this in mind, why not plan a family day of holiday shopping which includes a nice lunch at a pleasant restaurant? Another option is enjoying a shopping day with friends or work colleagues.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

If you’re going shopping with kids, be sure that they understand “stranger danger”. This means asking them to seek out help from store clerks who are “safe” if something happens, such as getting lost at the mall. Let them know what mall security guards look like and tell them that these security professionals are also safe people to get help from. As well, make sure that your kids have your phone number on their person at all times.

Use Our Helpful Tips Today

Hopefully, these sensible tips will make it easier for you to stay safe during the holidays. We believe that ordinary people can do a lot in order to enhance their personal safety and we do recommend following every tip on the list. When you do, you’ll find that it’s simple to stay safe. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people and the holidays do bring more risk. This is why following our tips will help you to feel more secure during this busy time of the year.

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