Porch Privacy and How to Stay Protected

Do you worry about porch security? If you do, you should know that many Americans worry about the same thing. A new and unwelcome trend is porch piracy. This is the stealing of packages which are left on porches. Since many homeowners aren’t present when deliveries from Amazon and other retailers and shipping companies arrive, and the parcels may be left on porches, porch security is now a bigger priority than ever before. After all, lots of people shop online. They want the parcels that they paid for and they don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands.

To date, twenty-three million people have suffered from this type of theft. Over three-quarters of USA residents report that porch piracy is a growing concern. In fact, it’s changing the way that people shop online and how they choose to have their items shipped. A staggering two-thirds of Americans have altered their online shopping behavior and shipping choices because so many people are stealing packages from porches. For example, some people make sure that they’ll be around when parcels are due. This means altering their schedules, sometimes, to an inconvenient extent.

Some people prefer to sign for deliveries. Others have their packages shipped to workplaces or to places where people they trust will be there to receive parcels for them. Others have curtailed their online shopping across the board, because they just don’t want to take the risk.

Americans don’t really have all of the answers when it comes to stopping this form of theft. Less than half of USA residents have been robbed in this manner or know people who have had their packages stolen from porches. However, ninety percent of USA residents haven’t taken proactive steps to stop thefts from porches. Only ten percent have installed surveillance systems. Only eighty-one percent live in areas with neighborhood watch programs.

Millennials are particularly concerned with this type of theft. They love to shop online and they’ve grown up with online technology. Studies show that 4 in 5 people in this age group worry about parcel theft and have altered their online shopping and shipping choices as a result. Millennials are also more aggressive when it comes to trying to recover goods which are stolen in this way. Some go to law enforcement, others give videos to law enforcement, with a mind to identifying and punishing criminals and others share information about porch piracy online.

These days, town homes are prime targets. Parcels are taken from these types of private residences more than from other types of home. However, those who live in apartments are most concerned about this type of theft.

So, what’s the answer? How can you enjoy online shopping and feel more peace of mind, in terms of protecting your porch and making sure that you get your packages? Well, the best response to this type of threat is a home security system which includes video surveillance of the porch area.

You Need Porch Video Surveillance

When you choose a home security system which features video surveillance of your porch area, you’ll have a record on video if something happens. A thief may also notice that you have exterior video cameras recording the porch environment and decide to steal from someone else, rather than you. Thieves want to get away scot-free and video surveillance makes this much harder. Their faces, bodies and any identifying marks, such as tattoos, will be recorded and this dramatically boosts their chances of being arrested and convicted for porch piracy.

As well, a good home security system will deter break-ins, such as home invasions. It offers a host of benefits and no drawbacks. A system which is wired to a central station will be the best defense against all sorts of crime.

If you love shopping online, investing in one of these systems will be the best way to ensure that you get what you pay for. Thieves hate security systems and particularly loathe those which record them in action. With this in mind, why not choose the right home security system today? When you do, you’ll find that you’re able to enjoy enhanced peace of mind as you shop at all of your favorite online retailers.

To learn more about these exciting home security features, please contact SecureCheck, LLC today.

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