How Homeowners Can Benefit From Live Monitored Security

Homeowners can benefit from the same live monitored security systems that are now used by many businesses and institutions. The latest surveillance technology allows for unobtrusive coverage in and around your home. The video coverage is supported 24 hours a day a smart monitoring system. This smart monitoring system can make the difference between having peace of mind, and curtailing your activities to make sure your home is safe.

Take the guesswork out of safety

Security is only good if it is consistent and constant. How many times have you left your home and forgotten to set the alarm? Have your triggered the alarm by accident and had the police respond? Too many false alarms and will be billed exorbitant charges or worse, your location may be given a lower priority. With live security monitoring your entire home can be monitored in the event of an alarm and a professional assessment performed about what the right response is. You can also use the remote monitoring features (smart phone and tablet apps) to make sure that your home is safe when you are away too.

Have someone there when you need them

24/7 live security monitoring means you will always have someone there when you need them. Just having an alarm system that triggers an alert is not enough to help you. With an intelligent live monitoring system an alert will trigger the appropriate response when you need it. There are even 2-way communication options that will help you talk to your security team from inside your home to help you get the right help you need. This can be very important in homes with small children or the elderly. In fact, live security monitoring can provide a way for you to continue to live at home longer as you know have a support team that you can call on for help when you need it.

Feel more secure when you are not home

If you travel a lot, or are a snowbird, then you want to make sure that the home you leave behind will be well protected while you are gone. Live security monitoring allows for you to set a procedure and priority of responses to handle any issues or disturbances that come up while you are away. With remote monitoring features, you can also view your home from any compatible device. You can rest assured that everything is as it should be while you are away.

Manage your home systems with remote monitoring

You can also manage your home systems using live security monitoring. If you have lighting, window dressing or shades, a pool, HVAC or other compatible systems that need to be accessed in order to keep your home environment functioning, smart monitoring systems give you the ability to adjust your settings so you don’t have to rely on timers or race to try to always get home before things get too cold or too hot. Remote monitoring connects into the complete security monitoring system so you can monitor integrated processes and control them while you are away from home. Don’t get a different app or service to control each system. Securecheck Now offers smart live security monitoring systems that allow you to integrate all your compatible systems into one access and control point easily.

Control access and monitor activity in your home

If you have nannies, repair men, maintenance men or cleaning services coming into your home it can be hard to find time in your schedule to let them in, and to be on hand to monitor what they do when they are there. With live monitored security you can control access to your home, and monitor those who are inside of it too. It isn’t about not having trust in the people who are providing you with services so much as it is allowing you to provide them with security and support while they are inside your home. With remote monitoring, you can also communicate with them while they are in your home. Two way communication makes resolving issues easier since you can see what is going on just as if you were there.

Have greater peace of mind

The greatest benefit of all is that having live monitored security 24/7 provides you with peace of mind. While you may not be able to be everywhere at once, you can have reliable security to protect your home and family all the time. With the remote monitoring options, you can also interact with your home systems better when away so you can feel confident that everything is running just as it should be. Live monitored security isn’t about having security “just in case” any more, it is a part of making  sure your home life runs well and that it is protected at all times too.


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