Are DIY Security Systems Too Risky for Homeowners?

Technological advancements, including wireless tech, are improving do-it-yourself (DIY) security systems for the home. Since wireless security cams are now more viable, they are something that a lot of security-minded homeowners are considering buying and installing. Today, we want to talk about whether or not these wireless security cameras are secure and dependable options.

Tech advances are changing our lives in general. They are allowing us to connect with things, places and people like we never could in the past. Home security systems which are ultra-modern have the capacity to connect to smart phones and this makes them very “smart” and interactive, high-tech systems. Since tech has moved forward, more homeowners feel comfortable installing and monitoring their home security systems. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are making the right choices!

Self-installation is a Hot Trend

Fifty percent of USA residents have expressed interest in self-installing home security systems, based on results from a recent security industry poll. Most USA citizens do believe that home security systems should have the capacity to transmit signals to local authorities when trouble arises, including fires, intrusions and environmental mishaps.

Is it possible to self-install a system which is as dependable as a pro-installed home security system? The people who answered the poll think that pro-installed systems are probably more reliable. They’re right.


Is Your Current System Becoming Obsolete?

If you’ve failed to heed warnings about communication problems which may occur with your existing system, because its tech is getting a bit outmoded, you should start to listen to these warnings and then take action. Upgrading your security system will be the smartest way to stay safe. Most polled homeowners believe that do-it-yourself security systems lack the same reliability as pro-installed home security systems.

Seventy-five percent of polled Americans don’t consider do-it-yourself home security systems, which are also called, “self-monitored home security systems”, to be as secure as systems which feature alarms that are monitored professionally. Unfortunately, DIY installation may not be perfect and this means that DIY security systems may not work as they should.

While it’s understandable that a lot of homeowners want to save some cash by installing their own systems and monitoring them, there can be pitfalls. Most people who do self-install do it for reasons of economy. Even those who try their hardest to install their systems properly may make mistakes (often, without realizing it) which place them at risk.

Is DIY Installation Really So Simple?

Systems which require self-installation are often marketed as being extremely easy to install. Is this really true? Maybe not. The truth is that connections for this type of equipment, which is electronic, need to be just right. Any device which is not appropriate may become a problem. Unfortunately, most regular people, who aren’t security tech experts, don’t know how important perfect connections are and how easy it is to create imperfect connections.


What’s the Smartest Security Strategy?

While “smart phone” tech for the home is impressive and may be something to chat about with the neighbors, a home is a huge investment. For this reason, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons of choosing self-installation of smart home technology before you decide on it, versus a pro-installed and pro-monitored home security system. Since there will be risk with a self-installed, self-monitored system, it may be wiser to outsource home security to a pro security firm.

While there’s no doubt that DIY home security technology is becoming more popular, people may want to go with systems which aren’t as flashy, which offer more safety and protection. Sometimes, poor home security leads to disaster, such as loss of life or destruction or theft of possessions. There can be serious consequences when home security systems don’t work reliably. A home security system which is professionally monitored is still the safest choice and well worth paying for.

Plus, it may be much more affordable than you think.

Go for a Pro-Monitored System

If you want to protect your home investment, you’re better off paying for a pro-monitored system. DIY home security systems may become safer options in the future. However, they are not the safest choices right now. With this in mind, shop around for a home security company with a great reputation. An established and respected company will be able to put together (and them monitor) a system which is just right for your home and budget.

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