How Mobile Surveillance Systems Will Save Your Company Money

Mobile surveillance systems are smart security devices mounted on trailers or vehicles and remotely operated to provide property owners, law enforcement agents or security personnel the ability to monitor areas where a team of human guards is cost prohibitive. Today, these systems are affordable solutions for protection, surveillance and reconnaissance. You may have the need to monitor activities such as crowd control and crowd safety or perimeter control of your construction site. The mobile security solutions provided by SecureCheck, LLC offer 24/7 surveillance in remote areas without the need for you to have human personnel on the ground.

Reduced Number of Human Guards Needed

Human guards keep watch over a property for a fee. Costs for insurance and training are usually extra. This could be a huge cost to employers, especially in high-crime communities. For instance, depending on the level of security needed and the type of event, the wages of human guards can be as high as $100 per hour. There are also special guards who work in high-threat situations and are paid more.
In most cases, an armed security guard costs $15-$30 an hour while a security guard not armed typically costs $10-$25 an hour. The pricing can also be affected by the time of the day. At night, security guards can request up to $60 per hour, while an off-duty police officer can receive between $35 and $70 an hour for security guard services. Some companies also employ the services of local police departments, and though usually not expensive, could amount to thousands of dollars every year.

Mobile surveillance systems help prevent criminal activity in the location which they are installed because they offer a physical presence. Prospecting criminals see the surveillance systems are installed and have incentive to stay away. The equipment has video, sensing and audio components which enable accurate data to be captured when critical events occur.
The gadgets can reduce the number of human guards needed because they carry out similar functions. In many case they even perform better than what humans do. Another example, instead of employing 5 people to monitor a location, mobile surveillance systems could make it necessary to only have one or two people there. In return, the company is able to save thousands of dollars every year in personnel, insurance and safety costs.

Less Theft

Mobile surveillance systems can also reduce the amount of theft of properties per year, giving you peace of mind, whether your concern is protecting your inventory from intruders or even your own employees. According to the figures of the National Retail Federation, employees account for 60% of inventory losses every year, making small businesses and retailers lose more than $30 billion in revenue per year.
Mobile surveillance systems help prevent theft before it takes place. The knowledge that such mobile devices are around would make misbehaving employees or criminal intruders think twice. It is clear that they risk being caught and prosecuted. Naturally, thieves would prefer a location without such surveillance systems. This is a great way your company could save thousands or even millions of dollars every year. The gadgets have a triple benefit, they help in preventing crime, reducing theft and discouraging criminals from having your company or property as target.

Evidence for Insurance Damage Claims

Mobile surveillance systems also help in providing evidence in insurance damage claims. Take for example, a fire accident could be shown to truly be an accident and not arson. There is a tremendous difference insurance exposure related to these two scenarios different scenarios.

When accidents occur, human witnesses are vital in providing evidence because insurance companies would be willing to pay damages. But what happens if there are no human witnesses to prove that there was actually an accident not caused by an act to defraud the insurance company? Mobile surveillance systems provide the solution – they are witnesses always recording events. A quick call to SecureCheck, LLC and we will check your video feed for the events of the last few hours or date of interest. Mobile surveillance systems record events in real time, all the time, 24 hours a day.

Mobile surveillance systems have many benefits because they are your eyes on wheels, enabling you to respond on time to avert any criminal activity. They have an easy deployment, as you only need to hook them to a vehicle with a standard tow hitch and pull it to your location. A SecureCheck tech will arrive to link the system to our central command station. We specialize in monitoring all public access including like construction zones and housing developments, car dealerships, public parks, shopping malls, parking lots, entertainment venues and any other area where criminal activities are likely to take place.

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