Prevent Break-ins at Your Car Dealership with Monitored Video Surveillance

Monitored video surveillance is a clever and ultra-modern way to prevent break-ins at car dealerships. This form of “smart” surveillance has been utilized with great success in Houston and its preventative value makes it a very cost-effective form of car dealership security.

Today, we’re going to talk about what smart video surveillance is and outline its key benefits.

What is Smart Video Surveillance?

Smart video surveillance is monitored video surveillance which includes analytics. Since analytics are included, fewer live guards are needed. This lowers the overall cost of security. With monitored video surveillance, it’s possible to access 24/7 coverage for a reasonable rate.

This form of advanced monitoring is offered by and it is the reason why a range of Houston car dealerships have lowered their break-in rates. This cutting-edge service is available to new clients via the official website.

The benefits of video surveillance are myriad. To name just three, this type of surveillance deters crime, makes it easier to apprehend suspects when crimes happen and improves employee productivity.

Why Choose Securechecknow?

SecurecheckNOW is a respected, Houston-based security company which is affiliated with the FBI and the Houston Police Department. If you want world-class video monitoring at your car dealership or other commercial space, this is the company to contact.

When you choose Securechecknow, you’ll access advanced video monitoring which is designed to protect what you value most. As well, you won’t be overcharged. This company offers smart video monitoring because it gives business owners affordable security options. When you choose this service, you’ll get it for a fair price, from a company which has a proven track record.

Now, let’s talk in more detail about this company’s advanced video monitoring services…

Access Advanced Video Monitoring is renowned for its ongoing success in terms of preventing break-ins at Houston car dealerships, via its advanced video monitoring services. When you sign on for this practical, high-tech service, you’ll get the best protection possible.

Services delivered by this highly-rated and reputable company are CSAA-certified, which means that they’ve been approved by the Central Station Alarm Association.

The team at Securechecknow utilize advanced technology in order to store video and in order to give property owners the capacity to watch video surveillance in real-time, from any location. When you select this company, you will be able to benefit from the best monitored video services, as well as alarm verification, video guard tours and remote escorts. Audio feeds for video surveillance will be an option. Analytics reports will also be at your fingertips.

While smart video monitoring is definitely an ideal choice for car dealerships, it works in a host of environments. The monitoring services offered by Securechecknow may be tailored to suit an array of buildings, from retail outlets to industrial warehouses and beyond. As well, you should know that these services integrate with other security systems, such as fire detection systems, intrusion detection and access control systems.

If you want video surveillance which you may view from a secure, Web-based portal via any remote location where you have access to the Internet, you’ll find that this company’s services are perfect for your needs. Services which are accessed via are affordable, dependable and designed to prevent break-ins at commercial spaces.

Connect with the SecurecheckNOW Team Today

Hopefully, this guide has demonstrated the power and potential of smart video monitoring. If you want fewer break-ins and more power to apprehend criminals, this type of security system will help you to protect your business. As well, since fewer live guards will be needed, it may positively impact your bottom line, by reducing your operating expenses.

Practical, reliable and delivered by security experts with law enforcement connections, smart video surveillance from is well worth paying for. To find out more, please connect with this company’s security experts today.

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