Hidden Cameras Help Car Dealership Owners Trim Operating Costs

Car dealerships without hidden cameras usually have to pay more in order to operate, because customers claim that their autos were damaged while in the dealership. This is why more smart and savvy car dealership owners are having hidden cameras installed.

Once they are in place, they may be utilized in order to prove that damages to vehicles didn’t happen at car dealerships. Those car dealership owners and managers who do opt for hidden cameras are pleased that they can use them to prove that vehicles were already damaged when they arrived at the dealership. It’s a great way to cut costs and it also helps with public relations. Customers may be shown that the dealerships aren’t at fault and this is a good thing!

One American car dealership manager, Jeff Sterry, says that he spends almost nothing to fix damage that customers claim happened to their autos while the autos were at the dealership for service. Before he had a hidden camera system installed, he had to do plenty of those types of repairs!

Sterry used to deal with a lot of complaints about in-house damage to vehicles. Now, only ten percent of these claims are proven to be true. Video evidence makes it so easy to establish the truth and it helps Sterry’s bottom line! Lots of his customers bring their vehicles in for service. Now that Sterry is able to prove the initial condition of cars, he doesn’t have to pay for damage repairs which aren’t the car dealership’s responsibility. This definitely adds up to big savings.

As the service manager, Sterry is so happy that he invested in hidden cameras. He’s had them in place for five years now. The system at his dealership features a hidden camera to monitor and record drop-offs of autos, as well as delivery spots. The camera also captures other important parts of the dealership interior.

There are Secondary Benefits

In addition to saving the dealership money, the camera system has a range of other benefits. For example, it helps the dealership to spot bad hires and nip possible thefts of vehicles in the bud. As well, it boosts customer satisfaction. So, there are benefits beyond money. Customers who are upset that their vehicles seem to have been damaged while at the dealership will typically calm down fast when video evidence proves otherwise. As well, customers who are trying to rip off the dealership with false damage repair claims will need to find other dealerships to target.

BMW of Catonsville is a busy dealership and it sells around thirteen hundred new and used “Beemers” per annum.

Sterry has been working for the dealership for years and he noticed problems with damage complaints from customers from day one. Fixing the damage gets very expensive, so he sought out a practical solution. It’s not good enough to tell a BMW customer, “You’re not telling the truth”. It’s preferable to show the customer video evidence which speaks for itself. For this reason, the video surveillance system was definitely a sensible solution.

In Sterry’s opinion, the dealership used to have to spend three to four thousand bucks per month in order to repair damage that, most often, was not caused by the dealership. This is a lot of money!

Quite often, customers aren’t trying to rip off the dealership, although that can happen. Usually, they are just mistaken and the video feed is very useful in terms of showing them their mistakes. Sterry got free installation of his system and the dealership pays seven hundred dollars per month for it. To date, the system has saved the BMW dealership twenty to thirty thousand dollars, by decreasing the cost of vehicle damage.

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These Systems are Cost-effective

If you’re getting hit with false damage repair claims at your dealership and the cost of doing these repairs is eating into your profits, you’ll find that investing in this type of hidden camera system is a smart strategy. We believe that these systems are the wave of the future. Luckily, they are available today, with no upfront fee. Call SecureCheck, LLC today to set up your free site survey.

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