6 Things to Think About Before Installing a Video Surveillance System at Your Car Dealership

Are you the manager or owner of a car dealership? Are you thinking about having a video surveillance system installed at your dealership? If so, you should know that a video surveillance system will save you money in the long run by boosting security, detecting threats (and bad employees!) and helping you to assess traffic numbers at your dealership.

Knowing how many people come in and out of your business and what they look at while they are there will assist you with making smarter business decisions. So, these systems are not just about boosting security, although they certainly do enhance security. They actually offer benefits across the board, such as convenient access to analytics!

Here are six things to think about before you arrange for installation. When you consider all of the variables and think about how these systems deliver superb advantages in so many ways, you’ll realize that having a video surveillance system installed is a great investment.

1.) Keeping Tabs on Things Will Be Easier

As an owner/manager, you need to know what goes on at your dealership, even when you’re not there. When you have a one hundred and eighty degree IP/Megapixel camera installed, you’ll find that it will allow you to monitor your car lot. Most systems will allow you to monitor video footage remotely, via a computer or smart phone, so you’ll always be able to keep tabs on things.

Aside from theft prevention, of vehicles and vehicle parts, these systems make it possible to watch customers and staff members. You’ll have more power and control when you invest in one of these sensible systems!

2.) These Systems Help Security Staff

A good video surveillance system is designed to be one element of an entire car dealership security system. It should be utilized alongside security personnel and security alarms. When you put a video surveillance system into place, it will make it easier for your security personnel to perform their duties effectively. They’ll have a video feed to check and they’ll be able to spring into action if they see something suspicious happening.

As well, the video feed will take a little bit of pressure off of their shoulders. They’ll have backup if there’s a problem and the video feed will help them to identify shady characters, for future knowledge only or to alert law enforcement.

3.) A Baseline Will Be Needed

When you add to an existing video surveillance system, rather than starting from scratch (and many people do choose to add), it will be important to create a data baseline. For example, you should have an idea of what your existing crime rate is, as it relates to break-ins, vandalism and theft. Also, think about shrinkage…are employees skimming in some way?

As well, it’s good to know how many customers come in and out of your dealership without seeking out assistance from reception or your sales team. Do most visitors need to wait for a while before they are helped? Knowing this information will be the key to creating an effective baseline. It will assist with tracking the success of the new system.

4.) Vehicles Will Be Protected

Vehicles cost a bundle, so protecting your inventory is crucial to the profitability of your business. Since many vehicles do get parked outside on a lot, where they are more vulnerable, video surveillance is very useful in terms of protecting autos. With this mind, give some thought to where your camera or cameras will be positioned.

It’s best to be able to see everything relevant, including the entire lot, the service area inside and the showroom interior. Your outdoor cameras will need to be weather-proof and vandal-resistant. There are special housings available which protect the cameras from the elements and criminals.

5.) Consider Buying IP Cameras

Internet Protocol cameras (IP cameras for short) may be placed in networks and then viewed via the Web, from remote locations. If you want to see your lot, showroom interior and service area interior, anywhere that you have access to the Internet, you’ll benefit from choosing this high-tech cameras. They’ll give you more options and more peace of mind.

6.) Monitor Your Parts Inventory

We know that you believe in your team. However, it’s a sad fact of life that some employees steal. When you have cameras recording footage of your parts inventory, the risk of employee theft will plummet. Also, you’ll be able to see who is stealing if things are being taken from your stock room or another place where parts are stored.

Find the Right System Today

A good security company which specializes in providing superb video surveillance solutions will be able to ensure that you access the right cameras, the right placement and plenty of helpful advice. SecureCheck, LLC has over 75 years of law enforcement and surveillance experience. Give us a call today and set up your FREE site survey.

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