Why Your Business Needs Panic Buttons

Among the many concerns of business owners today, security should be at the top of the list. While many businesses do indeed take certain measures to ensure security, it’s very important to go the extra mile when it comes to protecting your employees, customers and assets. In addition to security systems, video surveillance and the like, it is important to consider the benefits of adding panic buttons to your buildings and offices.

Panic Buttons: A Lifesaver

Many business owners may view panic buttons as an outdated form of security. With the ease of communication that cell phones, tablets, laptops, and etc. provide, it may seem unnecessary to also have a panic button in the office. However, panic buttons are lifesavers in the event that our devices fail us.

It is not uncommon for our handheld devices to be our of range, out of battery or simply left in another part of the building. For this very reason, having a sure-fire way to notify emergency responders becomes imperative in a life or death situation.

Since a panic button is easily accessible for those inside the office, it acts as part of the first line of defense against threats and attacks. Panic buttons can be used in situations where the police need to be notified immediately or in cases where an employee needs immediate assistance from a supervisor. In studies, it has been proven that panic buttons are effective in neutralizing a situation earlier on before it turns into an escalated issue. Oftentimes, these panic buttons bring onsite security directly to the problem. This allows for the company to determine whether police services are needed.

Using Panic Buttons

One of the benefits of having panic buttons is that they are hidden away from public view. Having secret access to a panic button gives employees a certain peace of mind and confidence when they go to work everyday. Due to this reason, panic buttons should be placed in public.

The best places to have these panic buttons in anywhere there is an area where a confrontation can occur. Such areas include the reception area, the lobby, the security desk, in management offices, inside HR departments and the like. Consider placing these buttons where an employee might easily be victimized, like by entrances and bathrooms.

Having these panic buttons is an exercise in crisis management by solving problems before they happen. Panic buttons give employees, customers, and management the opportunity to easily and silently call for assistance. By calling for help without actually reaching for a phone or verbally asking for assistance, the situation is kept less volatile and allows problems to be solved in a calmer atmosphere.

When a customer or another employee makes someone feel uncomfortable, the panic button can alert a manager, security guard, or HR rep quickly. When someone immediately arrives to assist, the situation can be handled easier than it might if the police had been called to the scene. These panic buttons will often send a call, text, email or other immediate notification the the responsible party. This specific notification can be sent with a customized message and sound so the receiving party immediately knows the severity of the situation.

Safety in Emergencies

While panic buttons can act as a quick way to pacify a situation, it is also very useful in the face of a definite threat or emergency. In the event that someone with a weapon threatens your office or business, having a hidden panic button may often be the only way out.

In a situation where the stakes are high and the threat is very real, having a way to silently bring police to the scene is imperative. Too often when people try to escape these situations on their own by either using a phone to call for help, running away or confronting the threat, the situation takes a turn for the worse. With panic buttons, customers, employees and innocent victims can be saved from dangerous situations that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to escape from.

If you are considering how to improve your business, do not neglect the importance of panic buttons. While these buttons can seem outdated, they are quite important when it counts.

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