Burglar And Intrusion Alarm

SecureCheck burglar alarms are specifically designed for your needs. Incorporating the latest technology including Z-Wave wireless technology; the heart of The Internet of Things and the smart home/workplace. At Securecheck, we use DMP products featuring Z-wave because they provide industry-leading reliability, ease of installation and interoperability. Our clients are increasingly looking to deploy smart devices that can offer benefits including improved security, comfort, communications and energy efficiency.  Unlike competing technologies, Z-Wave is a single open standard, using wireless mesh networking technology to allow wide array of devices to seamlessly communicate, including lighting, appliances, HVAC, and security systems.


  • Turn on the heat when you’re heading home
  • Control who goes in and out of your house
  • “Shut down” your home or business when you leave
  • Receive message alerts when your kids come home
  • Turn the heat off when you know you have to work late
  • Give the illusion someone is home by controlling the lights, shades and television
    Once SecureCheck customizes and completes your Burglar system featuring Z-Wave communication technology, you can link different products together and set up customizable actions.

  • For example, when a motion detector is tripped, it can turn on a light. The light turns on a security camera. The security camera tells your security system to send a text to our 24 hours service center. We will check what’s going on and take the action.
  • SecureCheck Burglar Alarm systems are making homes and businesses more secure in Houston and surrounding areas.
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