Improve Parking Lot Security With A Comprehensive Smart Surveillance System

Outdoor parking lots are places where criminal activity is likely to happen. These types of structures are hard to protect because they are so open. Indoor parking lots are also hotbeds for violence, auto theft and the robbery of possessions from vehicles.

The best way to boost parking lot security is to invest in a smart surveillance system which is very comprehensive. Today, we’re going to share information about what this type of security system is and explain how it will benefit parking lot security.

Why You Need to Beef Up Security

Parking lots rank third in terms of attracting crime. They are susceptible to criminal activity of many different types. After all, a lot of people pass through these outdoor spaces or indoor structures each and every day. Valuable vehicles abound and some of them are filled with things that thieves want, from expensive electronic toys to newly-purchased goods from shops and beyond.

Since parking lots are so tempting to criminals, it’s important to beef up parking lot security.

According to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Justice, seven percent of violent attacks in America take place in garages or parking lots. These garages or parking lots may be non-commercial or commercial. Crime is just as likely in a condo parking lot as a mall parking lot or stadium parking lot.

Criminals definitely don’t discriminate in terms of which types of parking lots they choose to commit crimes in!

These days, a lot of parking lot managers are looking for ways to reduce operating costs. This means that they are managing facilities which are unmanned and which feature lots of automation. Sometimes, the lack of real security personnel onsite raises the risk that patrons will be attacked or have their vehicles or vehicle possessions stolen.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single security plan which will work for every parking lot. Security solutions should therefore be tailored to the type, size and scale of parking lots. Some parking lots hold ten thousand vehicles or even twenty thousand, while others are really small in terms of capacity.

No matter the size, there is one security measure which will work well all of the time, as long as it’s scaled to the size and shape of a parking lot.

It’s a smart surveillance system.

While it isn’t the only security measure that you should put into place, it’s part of a comprehensive approach to keeping parking lot patrons and their property safer.

Begin With an Assessment

Before purchasing a smart surveillance system, which offers the ultimate in ultra-modern security via CCTV video feeds and voice activation, you should get the ball rolling by performing an assessment of security at your parking lot. This should be an “all hazards” assessment. It’s about analyzing the pros and cons of the facility as they pertain to the security of patrons and property.

When assessing, consider the parking lot surroundings. Think about the patterns of local traffic. Look at the routines of your patrons. How do they behave each day? When do they tend to come and go? Also, think about danger areas. Are some parts of the parking lot or surrounding area less safe than others, such as elevators, stairwells in garages and so on?

Once you’ve looked at the weaknesses and strengths of your parking lot and surrounding area, you’ll be able to put a realistic security plan into place.

Here are some recommendations which will help to make any parking lot a safer place.

What Needs to Be Added?

First off, we think that putting in audio intercoms is really smart. These intercoms should be installed at exit and entry gates in order to offer patrons communication which is two-way. A patron should always be able to converse with a facility manager or member of the security team.

As well, you’ll benefit from adding an emergency station to your parking lot, or more than one emergency station. It’s not possible to use mobile phones inside a lot of underground parking lots and this raises the risk level when it comes to patron safety. As well, mobile phones are often stolen from patrons in parking lots. When you add an emergency station, you’ll be able to boost security and give patrons greater peace of mind.

Smart Surveillance Is a Smart Investment

When you invest in a top-notch smart surveillance system, you’ll be able to keep tabs on what’s happening at your parking lot. In general, security issues at parking lots tend to begin when no one is monitoring the space! When you choose the right security camera system, you may watch live feeds from your video cameras remotely, via any computer or mobile device.

This smart feature means that you’ll never need to wonder who’s in your parking lot or what is happening there. The best security camera systems will offer complete coverage 24/7, from every angle.

Smart video surveillance systems provide a host of benefits. For example, they will store video, let users see footage in real time from any location where they have access to the Web and improve business practices via remote video access. Look for the most impressive and cutting-edge system, which features high-quality cameras and accessories, as well as audio (this is optional), remote escorts and alarm verification.

If you want superb security, we think that the optional audio feature is one that you should consider. When you choose a smart surveillance system with audio, any noises happening in the parking lot (such as a scream of distress from a parking lot patron) will cause the video cameras to focus on the location where the sound is coming from. As well, security personnel will be alerted. Audio provides an extra layer of security which may save a life.

How to Find the Right System

You should buy your smart surveillance system from a security firm which is staffed by employees with law enforcement ties and law enforcement backgrounds. When it comes to raising security levels at a parking lot, you need the type of expertise and guidance that a stellar security company offers. This type of company will be able to recommend equipment which is ideal for your indoor or outdoor parking lot.