The Cloud And Security: Can It Ever Be A Viable Option?

There was a lot of skepticism when cloud storage and computing was first made available. Being a relatively amorphous term that few people understood fully, one of the chief concerns to emerge was that of security. It wouldn’t be long after the technology was made available that people would begin questioning whether or not it was secure enough for their business. Despite the assurances of countless providers, there is still a stigma associated with its use.

So, is the cloud and security like oil and water or can it be a viable option for your business?

One of the primary concerns about the cloud is that it lacks proper security solutions to help safeguard information stored in this manner. However, an IDG Enterprise study found that many organizations have already developed ways to safeguard their information. Having created the security solutions necessary, there are ways to help protect things like HR systems, customer relationship management, HR systems, voicemail, and even e-mail. If you have a business database you want to house for cheap, then you are capable of doing it using the cloud while protecting your information.

Along with security, using the cloud raises several other questions as well. For example, how will using the Cloud affect information acquisition, performance, and speed? There are a number of risks worth considering and reviewing. Several are listed below in further detail.

I. Cost Reduction

If nothing else, adopting the cloud will bring down your operation, development, and support costs. While previous versions of data storage would require maintenance and security locally, cloud storage pushes the responsibility to the company housing the information. Another consideration is computer infrastructure. Housing information on the cloud can bring down the cost of installation and save you a lot over time. Remember, with the cloud there is no installation and very little maintenance costs.

II. Access Anytime

The cost reduction is the primary reason why companies considering moving to the cloud. However, this benefit doesn’t address the chief concerns addressed earlier. One way that using the cloud improves your security is by providing access to your team from anywhere at anytime. If something requires your attention, your team can react instantaneously regardless of where they are. The flexibility means having a centralized, decentralized, or even possibly mobile locations. Your business becomes far more responsive to potential security issues while shrugging off a lot of the baggage typically associated with access.

III. No Issues With Latency

Performance is another issue raised by those curious about making the transition to cloud based storage. A benefit of the cloud is that it has been proven to have little to no issues with latency when interacting and updating information on platforms. For example, individuals with the right access have nearly instantaneous access to observing and changing things like light control and other utilities. Thy can manage alarms, view footage, check on elevator management, and more. With no delays and no surprises, it is no wonder more and more companies are adopting the technology.

IV. Improving Technology

Cloud based storage is still relatively new and is going through a lot of improvements. Adding security, improving efficiency, and being more user accessible are some of the improvements cloud based storage is heading in. If nothing else, the maturing of the industry will result in a lot more security features as potential flaws are identified and corrected.

Taking The Next Step

Above we have made the case for why you and your company should consider cloud based solutions. With plenty of security features available, it is far safer and more secure than you may have first thought. In addition, the added benefit of less costs and easy remote access make it a real asset for your company.

Taking the next step will require finding a company that sells to your size business and provides the features you are looking for. Be sure to carefully review the kind of storage you are looking for. Like anything else in business, getting quotes and comparing services will help you to get the best possible deal.

The cloud is a viable option worth pursuing. If your business is interested, then it has never been better to take the dive, do some research, and find a company that works for your interests.