Use Tesla To Manage Your Home Automation

Interested in Home Automation and controlling your home from your car? For those who have invested into current home automation technology, the ability to control their home automatically via their Tesla comes as a huge added convenience.

Most Tesla owners are no amateurs when it comes to tech security. However, many of them are being thoroughly blown away when it discovered these tricks you can do with your Tesla vehicle. Simply put, the Tesla Model X can be used to regulate functions in a home as you come and go. In the end, the missing link is the popular browser-based EVE for Tesla app to connect all the function to the vehicle.

Exciting New Tech

The EVE for Tesla app is an integrated system in the interface Tesla uses to store and transfer information. Being a cloud hosted user interface, Individuals with a Tesla Model X can access the Internet from the access of their own vehicle. Further, Tesla owners are finding that they can automate in home and office functions via location directly through the touch screen display in the car.

What This Means For You

As the owner of a Tesla, you can give the car access to any building system that you have access to. It doesn’t matter whether it is a commercial or residential building. Rather, it all depends on having the right technology set up ahead of time.

The first thing you will need is a Tesla Model X. While pricey, Tesla has repeatedly set the way of the future as one of America’s major automakers. Growing increasingly popular over time, Tesla vehicles are known for incorporating smart technology that not only makes your experience more comfortable, but also makes the entire system more efficient to run. Experts in energy storage as well as vehicle design, Tesla is helping to create the batteries that will be used by the next generation of cars. However, we’ve become sidetracked. The most important thing for the sake of home automation is the touch screen interface. Make sure it is working properly with the dealer to make full use of the included features.

The second thing you will need is a home automation system from the experts at SecureCheck, LLC. We offer many different options to fit your customized needs. A home automation system can be setup to control a number of different factors that will ultimately save you lots of money over time. For example, you can use it to regulate lighting, music, HVAC, blinds, your Roomba, etc. A nice thing about home automation is you can take it as far as you want. We insure that your system is secured and can be accessed online. This will make it possible for you to communicate to your IoT devices through your Tesla.

Does It Work?

Discovering the possibilities, to learn and explore everything the system can do. By logging on through the correct portals, he could do things like open garage doors and dispatch the roomba vacuum integrated into the system. However, he also noted that it would require an internet signal. As long as he could maintain a signal with his car, he could fully automate and regulate the functions of his home and business. In 2017, that should not be an issue.

Security Considerations

Any new technology raises the issue of security, especially when that system is connected to the Internet. The Internet of Things is a push towards regulating various in-home and business electronics using Internet controls. As individuals in the industry have discovered, finding ways to properly secure these systems against hacking is crucial. While there is no chance the toaster will come alive and start attacking you (as some horror films suggest) there is the very real threat of hacks to the system stopping you from being able to regulate or control various systems in your home. As always when it comes to technology, tread carefully and create a secure network. Contact SecureCheck today and set up your free on-site survey. Trust our 85 years of law enforcement experience to ensure that you network is as secure as possible.

Putting It All Together

For nearly six years Kesterson has been an authorized dealer. If you are having difficulties or frustrations setting up your home automation and security system, with your Tesla, contact SecureCheck today. It’s not unusual to be able to access the home and the Tesla systems but be unable to link the two systems together with the Tesla.

Still, the potential of the technology speaks for itself. Customers are saving time and money by combining two completely different systems to provide an added level of comfort and simplicity. It may very well be that in this discovery is but the beginning of an industry that fully integrates home and car automation.

For now, we are left to speculate and consider the possible implications of we continue to learn and find with our industry colleagues. If you have the proper technology, consider making use of these features as well. As always, be sure to tell us about your experiences.

To ensure the complete robustness of your security system, call SecureCheck, LLC today. We often see home owners with thousands invested in internet of things (IoT) gadgets for convenience but a third-party connection to law enforcement. SecureCheck uses 5 Star Diamond rated central station monitoring to ensure the fastest response times in the industry. Call SecureCheck, LLC today to join the safety and security of the SecureCheck family.