Keep Your Community Safe During The Summer Vacation Season

In the summertime, lots of community members take off in order to relax and get out of town. It’s vacation season and this means that many residents of the community may not be in their homes to keep an eye on neighbors, suspicious activity and more.

If you want to keep your community safer during the warm-weather months, you should know that there are some practical strategies which will boost community security at this important time. We’re here to share tips that really work!

Hold a Community Meeting

It’s smart to gather community members during this time of year and let them know how to identify homes which are likely unoccupied. No one wants to return from a holiday and find that the family home is vandalized or robbed. Also, empty homes make communities targets for criminal activity.

Let homeowners know that certain circumstances send strong signals to vandals and thieves that’s it’s a good time to break in, damage property and steal. For example, if newspapers are piling up in front of a front door, it’s a dead giveaway that there is no one inside to protect a property.

As well, remind homeowners that posting about going away on social media is providing criminals with way too much information. Also, you may want to let community members know that loading up vehicles inside of garages is smart. Let them know that loading up a vehicle out on the street, in full view of criminals who may be casing neighborhood properties, is just not a wise course of action.

As well, it’s wise to remind homeowners that setting timers for TVs and lights is a great way to make homes look occupied. There are actually apps these days which allow homeowners to do this remotely if they want to.

Also, pet care should be a focus. From a security standpoint, bringing in a friend or family member to care for your pets will be a good way to ensure that someone visits your home now and then while you’re away. It may be preferable to kenneling your pets.

Lastly, let residents know that a lapse in maintenance at their properties will make their homes targets for thieves. For example, if a lawn hasn’t been mowed in a while, in a neighborhood where people tend to keep their lawns very well-cared for, it’s a signal that homeowners aren’t present. So, hiring someone to take care of lawn care or other routine maintenance will be a smart security measure.

Before you wrap up the meeting, stress the importance of working together. Neighbors who are home should keep an eye out for suspicious activity and check on houses which are unoccupied. When everyone is alert, it’s better for the safety of the community.

If you can’t pull a meeting together, gather email addresses and send security tips to homeowners that you know and trust. Or, talk to a few neighbors and ask them to spread the word. Some neighbors are bound to be more interested in protecting community security than others. These stand-up citizens will probably shoulder more of the load in terms of keeping an eye on things.

If these good neighbors do community watch activities and generally stay vigilant on behalf of others, try to reward their initiative by letting the community know that their hard work is appreciated. A few good people who really care tend to make an enormous difference.

Invest in Security Surveillance Systems

Did you know that the most modern security surveillance systems are able to record license plates numbers whenever cars drive through monitored areas? They also read license plate numbers on parked cars. If you’re in a community association and you want to suggest the most practical security solutions, you should mention security surveillance systems. When license plate numbers are recorded via video cameras, everyone is safer.

Thieves generally do need vehicles before robbing homes in the summertime. They need a place to store what they steal and they need quick getaways, too. If your neighborhood invests in a top-notch and affordable security surveillance system from SecureCheck, you may be able to catch perpetrators before, during or after they strike.

SecureCheck’s video surveillance systems are Houston’s best. You may choose a system which does have the capacity to record license plate numbers. It’s very helpful to have this sort of data on hand when contacting local law enforcement. Local law enforcement will have access to databases of license plate numbers. When you combine real-time video footage with license plate data, you’ll dramatically boost the odds of busting suspicious characters who prowl your neighborhood in the warm-weather months, looking for opportunities to commit crimes.

The cost of a security surveillance system is very reasonable in light of all that it gives in return. It’s really the most effective way to keep a community safe year-round. In particular, in the summer, when lots of people tend to go away, the value of this type of system shoots even higher.

Follow Our Expert Tips Today

A combination of high technology and the human touch is the key to exemplary security in a community during summertime, or anytime. When residents are vigilant and those who go away take steps to keep their homes looking occupied during their absences (and a good security system is running 24/7, recording activity in the neighborhood, as well as license plate information), security is at the highest level.

Of course, we also recommend frequent security controls, good alarm systems in homes and proper lighting outside of homes. There is such much that the community can do in order to boost security at times when many residents are out of the community for holidays.

If you want specific guidance and support, please connect with our Houston-based security firm today. We believe that our security solutions are the most cost-effective choices. Choose a system which is ready to install or ask us for a custom security surveillance system which is just right for your home or community. At SecureCheck, we give our clients greater peace of mind.