About Us

Your assets, be it your place of business, your office or your home – everything that is important to you – is important to us.

Accuracy is not an option but must be the essential principal on which all our services are based.

Whether it be developing and implementing a video surveillance system for your water plant or your office – or doing a background on your teams coach or your baby sitter – as Law Enforcement and Security Professionals we understand what it is that you need. You don't want a blind internet site determining what is and is not important – that's why we at SecureCheck/MACE© do the searches ourselves using national databases from a number of verified sources.

In today's society liability is unfortunately also a consideration. It is just too great a risk for you to take a chance at a cheap internet search. Be secure, be safe – select with confidence when you choose SecureCheck/MACE©!

You may find cheaper prices but do you really want to trust your search to the cheapest vendor?

We don't cut corners; we rely on exclusive certified sources available only to a limited and elite few.

We will work with you to tailor a program to fit your investigative needs as well as your budget.

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SecureCheck Now, LLC is an industry leader in Asset Protection and Risk Mitigation solutions that specializes in Remote Video Monitoring, Video Surveillance and Intrusion Alarms. If it is important to you, it is important to us, be it your business, your office or your home. Serving leading Houston area car dealerships, credit unions, construction sites and oilfields, SecureCheck has the needed experience to execute on your vision. We are ready to listen to your security related challenge and tailor a solution to your specific needs.